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What is the history of the defaced blue ensign? Was it used from the RFAs inception in 1905? My friend has a model kit of a ww2 tanker, the decals that came with it includes the white ensign and what it describes as an RNR blue ensign with the red George cross! Can any of you flag history buffs elaborate on this?

Always thought it was taken from one of the 3 squadrons of the Royal Navy!!! Red.Blue .White. RN keeping the White after Trafalgar the White ensign flown from the Victory by Nelson ...ISC , and of course the Merchant Navy taking the Red and RFA the Blue
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scouse- any government organisation can sail the blue ensign, in pompey and guzz dockyards, the mod police patrol boats fly blue ensigns with their crest on

same for coast guard

and even the pongos Port and Maritime boats.

According to wikipedia- the blue ensign has been used like this since 1864. If an RFA has an RN officer incharge, I believe they then fly the white ensign.
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