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RFA Apprentice Steward intake - April 2021

Brilliant well done!! What date do you start? Our intake is 19th April :)
19th here too. Think we will be doing the initial few weeks together and then you'll head to Worthy Down, Hope they have tarted the accommodation up since I was there doing an aptly named seaman cookery course!
i am down for April after having to miss November but still waiting on NSV to finish doing their stuff frustratingly, last jab to go and apart from that all is well.
Steward, as far as i am aware different branches have their intake at different times of the year, but that may be wrong?
HI welcome, will see you on the course. Ref dates, just depends when the next part of your training starts as to when you come to meat RAL for the first part, so may find different peoplecourses there at saem time or none at all.

See you in a few months.

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