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Hi All,

New here. I sent my application for Systems Engineer Officer away over two weeks ago now, just wondering how long it takes to hear back from applications? Tried the search function but to no avail. Any ideas would be appreciated... other than being told to just be patient :grin:

Qualified. Recieved a letter confirming my application is on hold and pending an interview date. This was a month ago now so hoping to hear from them fairly soon. It did say several weeks afterall.


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I expect that there will be a requirement for a SE branch officer at an interview of a qualified candidate. An interview will be likely to be timed around his or her availability, more so than that of the candidate.

Be patient and flexible.
I believe it is the 'SIFT', yes. However my letter just says i have been invited for interview. Cracking on with the revision now, hopefully all will go well! :)


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I'm not looking forward too it at all - I'm really apprehensive about it. Been made even worse by the fact that I hurt my knee over the weekend - really don't want to have to postpone the AIB because of it.

Sneakyfish - do you think that you'll be intake ready for September if you're successful in July?
Shame about you knee mate, I'm sure it wont be a problem! Here's hoping to it all healing up soon.

As towards if I consider myself intake ready for this September, theory wise I believe so! I've brushed up on COLREGS and have a rough knowledge of what to expect at BRNC. The only thing I'm a bit flimsy over is my fitness, I'm not exactly a fat knacker but my cardio isn't exactly the best. Been beasting my self at the gym and running in order to improve it but it just doesn't seem to be happening! hahahaha

What about you, think you're all set for intake, providing the AIB passes? Would be pretty snazzy if we both passed the AIB and got in!


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My doubts re intake ready for September hinge around the next stages towards getting a job offer. If we pass AIB there's then the issue of getting the medical, vetting and security clearance done prior to Dartmouth. 4 weeks is a big ask to get all that done.

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