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This is my first post :)

I have applied to join RFA as a Seaman Apprentice. This will be a big career change for a 40-something IT worker, but it is something I really, really want.

I have completed my online application, and have been invited for a Psychometric Test on 1st March. I need to complete the paper Application Form also. Any advice on completing this would be hugely appreciated.

Quick question - for the Psychometric Test, do people wear a suit? Just wanted to make sure I don't "over-dress" or "under-dress"?

All tips, advice greatly appreciated. Wish me luck.

Thanks in advance.
When I went for mine everyone was in a suit, as well as myself. I always think it's better to be over-dressed than underdressed, good first impressions and what not. Good luck for the test!
Hi, i'm trying to find what/where are the best web sites and/or books that will help me practice for there physcometric tests. I've been searching the web, but theres so many!!!
Any help is appreciated.


Had my Recruitment Test this morning. Thought it went ok, though I may have struggled a bit with the maths section. Fingers crossed for me.

There were 6 other people doing the test along with with, 3 applying for the Marines, 1 for the Navy and 1 for the RFA.
Good luck and fingers crossed for you JW.
I at my test last Thursday in Southampton.
Got my results this morning. Passed the tests, but not selected due to excessive applications for the role.

Where did you sit your test?


Ah man, sorry you didn't get selected. What role did you apply for?

I sat my test at HMS Calliope, the Naval Reserve training unit up here in Newcastle
Good luck with it all, JW74, and to all of you!!
I also am a 40-something itching for a change of course, after 20-odd years in industry, so I've applied for Deck Officer cadet. I'm now waiting for AIB, having completed the sift process.
I've found that gradually passing each stage of recruitment spurs you on to the next, and ultimately - hopefully - where you want to be...!!
Hi, I wore a suit for mine. I was slightly over dressed as the rest of the lads in there were going for the RN and where wearing shirts tie and jumpers. But it never hurts to dress up.

Don't worry too much about the tests just practise answering maths questions quickly.


Yeah I wore a suit too. Thought it was best. First impressons and all that. A couple of other lads had suits, one had jeans and a jumper, one older fella had jeans, shirt and jumper and the girl applying for RN was in her school uniform!!!

Suit is probay best. And practice the questions like mad


Just received a letter this morning to say i'd passed the written test and have met the required standard for RFA, and now my application has to go through the sift process.

I'm really chuffed with that, as I was (as I always am) fearing the worst.

Fingers crossed for the sift.
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