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RFA and living abroad


How does it work if you sail for the RFA and want to live abroad? As part of the UK MOD would they still fly you from say your home in mainland Europe to wherever you are meeting the ship, like the commercial MN? Or do you have to be a current UK resident?


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Lots of guys live in the Philippines and so on. I think that most of the time they have to pay for there own flights to the UK then get covered from the airport to wherever. But im not 100% sure except people do live foreign.


Lantern Swinger
RFA travel is based on you living in the UK. If you don't, they will generously take the cheapest option.

For example, you live on the Costa del Sol. You are appointed to join a ship at Bahrain. Flights from the UK to Bahrain are cheaper than from Spain, therefore the RFA provides you with a ticket from Heathrow to Bahrain. Getting to Heathrow is your problem.

You pay off at Barcelona. A flight home to Malaga is cheaper than a flight to Heathrow. The RFA provides you with a flight to Malaga.

It is up to you to demonstrate that it is cheaper for them to send you home than to the UK.

If you want to do something other than the cheapest option, there is no way for you to get the RFA to part-fund it. For example, you live in Australia. You pay off in Dubai. The cheapest option is to fly to the UK. The RFA will provide you with a ticket to Heathrow. They will not contribute the equivalent amount towards your ticket from Dubai to Sydney.
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Thanks, so if you lived in Oz you'd basically have to pay for the return ticket yourself if it was more expensive than the UK ticket. Sounds pretty fair to be honest, what with being funded by the UK taxpayer and everything :)
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