RFA and jury service?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by tree_doctor, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently received jury notice for the year beginning July 2016. As it happens I start my Officer Cadet (Deck) course starts on June 4th.
    Now, according to the letter, "Persons serving on full pay as members of any of the naval, military or air forces of the Crown raised in the United Kingdom" are exempt. Obviously the RFA does not technically constitute part of the armed forces, so would one be exempt if serving? Or can it be deemed a "naval service of the crown"?

    I'm going to phone up the jury notice team tomorrow anyway (not open Sundays!), but I was just interested in throwing the question out there for consideration. Obviously the last thing I want to do is take time out of my course at BRNC or Warsash to fly off home for however long it may take.
  2. The RFA are part of the Naval Service.

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  3. Seek an exemption as they would have been unaware you were about to start course. Their crystal ball no worky.
  4. Despite some propaganda about being a "fighting arm", it isn't part of the Naval Service as defined in Queen's Regs.
  5. Ok, the future of our royal navy in the hands of someone with little or no initiative. Do you seriously believe you may be liable for jury service.
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  6. Seadog

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    The OP is eligible and if called, liable until he or she is excused following their request to be so. A polite ( look it up) and reasonable request is unlikely to be refused.

    I'm excused for life. Pity, I'll need a hobby when I retire.

  7. Either of these two Seadog?

    • anyone suffering from mental disorder
    • anyone unable to understand the English Language
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  8. Well I just got off the phone, and apparently am not eligible, according to the gent I talked to. I did think it was worth checking, since, for example members of the MN are eligible, barring masters of vessels and pilots.
  9. The RFA do form part of the Naval Service, however they are not considered members of the 'Armed Forces'. Yes RFA members are liable for jury service, as I know of two RFA PO'S who got a letter pinging them for jury service and at least one did attend. He says it was quite a interesting experience!
  10. Megalopteron, I stand corrected! It must have been wiki that I saw that erroneous information.

    Granted we are a Civilian Organisation but we do have RFA Colours! A first for civilians.
    I was part of the uniformed continent for the presentation of the Colours back in 2008 on RFA Largs Bay in Portsmouth.
  11. Never knew there was so many of you, you were classed as a continent ;)
  12. fecking spell chuck

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