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Rewarding Reservists. Nothing for Regulars....Again!

Jim the BinBag

Who gives a flying f#*k? Medals and post nominal for what exactly? Nothing extraordinary in first being able to pass all your kit musters and learn how to do the marching thing then not failing trade training. After that spend some time doing some sea time but also pissing it up in harbour etc. Medals for something above and beyond, post nominals to show you have some form of highly specialised or rare qualification etc. that sets you apart or above the run of the mill.


War Hero
Sort of on topic , Sir Michael Caine ditches any correspondence without opening it if they do not include the 'Sir', prima donna.
So, herein is why I see this as positive. In my previous command I had a technical SR (RAF) who was in his youth, shall we say of a firey disposition. He made a small error of judgement and consequently did not recieve the LS&GC even after a very fruitful and deserving career. The new system allows people to mature and recover from honest errors of judgement. Lets be realistic at a minimum of 26 people should be capable of behaving - whereas 16-17 years old.........

After 10 years service I'd hope most people know right from wrong.

I'd actually qualify this slightly.

The RN did it in a more grown up way. You could be a bit dumb in your early career and, so long as you didn't accumulate 4 offences that resulted in a trip to the CO's table, you would get the LS&GC even after a career check.
However, with the shift over to Tri-Service application (Army rules), the RN personnel were continually getting shafted even though the regulations were there expressly allowing the award.

If the changes mean that the medal is applied in the same way to the junior services as the RN already do, then fantastic. If not, then that's a stupid move.
I was career checked in 2005, so next month I play the LSGC lottery to see whether I get mine or not. I'm not really that arsed TBH. The good conduct part means nothing as it's seriously inconsistent, dropping it and just making it a long service medal removes another layer of the system that doesn't work. It's all good in my opinion.

Nah, the Career Check means you wouldn't be eligible until 1 Jan 2021 (basically the time starts again on 1 Jan the year following the career check).


I am the proud (ish, it's very tarnished) recipient of a LS&GCM, never a reservist, can I put VR after my name or should I stick to LS&GCM as I do normally. I never got £25, may I claim it now?
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