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I know there has been a lot of mention about different sources for learning about ships, weapons, aircraft etc for any interviews/service knowledge tests etc, and having ordered and received the British Warships and Auxiliaries book by Maritime Books I just wanted to say it is well worth the couple of pounds it costs!!!!! It is literally a gold mine of info on ships, missiles, aircraft (including new entrants such as the new Wildcat expected this year etc) It has photos of each ship class. The website to buy it from is and because I am nice the link is

PS I do not work for navybooks and am not earning commission from anyone who buys this now! I just wanted to recommend it because it is absolutely great for revision!


Lantern Swinger
supermario said:
Looks like an interesting book, especially for the officer candidates.


It is very good for the money and has some interesting facts I didn't know from elsewhere.

Apart from that, there is a very good forward about the Royal Navy in general and also some writing on future builds Spedning Reviews etc.

Well worth it!

Might give that a look, Also preordering the new RN handbook coming out in a few weeks; I managed to find a second hand copy of the last one but have had to cram it full of post its where stuff has changed!
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