Revenge is sweet

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. Many years ago 1988 met a guy in Dubai working as an air traffic controller and still in the RNR, however when he was a full time grunter he was XO of one of the sweepers in Hong Kong. Whilst onboard he and one of the Chefs didn't get on to well and said chef was often in the shit and under pun.
    On the morning the XO was gong on draft the chef appeared at the gangway with some sarnies wrapped in the galley greaseproof paper and said " Sir I know we haven't always got on but I've knocked up some sarnies for you for the long journey" XO chuffed to fcuk puts them into his briefcase and off he fcuks to catch the plane.
    Obviously he got scran on the plane and forgot about the sarnies until he got on the train to take him back to Pompey, it was rush hour and being a grunter was in a first class carrage full of bowler hatted suit wearing city gentlemen. Fcuk me he thinks I'm peckish and rememders the sarnies in his briefcase.
    Up he gets drags down his bag a produces his sarnies to the envy of the other guys in the carrage - he takes a large bite and thinks fcuk me this bread is tough pulls the sarnie out of his mouth and there dangling from his mouth were half a dozen condoms which the chef had placed inside as a suitable filling. Apparently the expressions on the faces of the bowler hatted brigade were somewhat puzzled.
    Fcuk me revenge is a dish best served cold.
  2. ''FUCK''.....sez XO

    ''AYE''.......sez bowler hatted brigade

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