Revenge is Sooo Sweet

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Her bastard daughter Katie will take the hit for her, do the time and then write a book about wimmens prison and earn a fortune.
  2. The irony here is that she entered a plea of "Not Guilty" but has been convicted.On the other hand the lying poltician decided to to admit the offence and is likely to receive a discount on his sentence for doing so.So the woman scorned is going to be even more furious.
  3. Stupid cow - did she really think there would be no-come back on her? She may be one of the top economists in the UK but no common dog!
  4. I think that applies to all economists.
  5. Aa an ecconomist she should be ok inside, she will be able to manage on £4.50 a week spends. If she was younger and not so rough some big hairy arsed lessie could look after her!!!!!!!
  6. She's Greek FFS.............WTF does she know about economics.
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  7. With the hatred these two obviously have for each other, I think they should share a cell together. That way, no matter how long a stretch they get, it'll SEEM a lot longer...........
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  8. And looking at the state of her, he'll be begging to have a cell change and be someones bitch.
  9. At least she'll be OK with those from the Isle of Lesbos!
  10. She's a successful Greek economist. Saw a way of getting loads of dosh, cocked it all up and is now in the shit..Greek economy in a nutshell.
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  11. I'm sure they'll lick her wounds.
  12. Judge sentencing both at 1630, will the equal opportunity rules apply?
  13. Yep ...8 months each!!!!
  14. That must mean 4 months in an open prison !
  15. It hardly gives them time to write the book they'll want to flog next Crimbo about their time inside.
  16. He looked a bit agitated trying to get through the press on the way in, anyone would think he'd never seen a camera flash before, well, not in front of him anyway :)
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  17. A triumph for British justice, and I say that despite (or is it because of) my political leanings in that direction.

    He repeatedly tried to use his position to make the problem go away. It didn't, and both he and she have been properly punished for believing themselves to be above the law. I am delighted to see that this is not the case. Of course, it won't necessarily deter others, but hopefully it will make them think twice before making potentially fateful decisions that can destroy their careers if "it ever gets out". And the judge, in summing up, said it perfectly - this tragedy is entirely of your own making. Any feeling of sympathy should take this into account and should only be towards those who were not directly involved but are still having to cope with the repercussions of the criminal actions of Huhne and Pryce.

    Makes me proud to be British.

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