revenge from beyond the grave

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Benazir has the last laugh:

    apparently Benazir Bhutto's will nominates her husband Asif Ali Zardari as leader of the party. Presumably she knew that this would be in the event of her death adn it was her revenge for him being such a pillock and dragging her reputation down (even further). He will undoubtedly be assasinated - clever woman :w00t:
  2. Can you be prosecuted for soliciting murder beyong the grave? o_O
  3. All very dramatic and all that, but it was never her place to say who will be leader after her death, was it? After all, if it is a democratic political party, then they should hold a vote for the new leader. How very self important she must have been!
  4. Can you have democratic political parties in countries ruled by dictatorships?
  5. Good question.
    If it was a true dictatorship, then there wouldn't BE any form of opposition, would there?
  6. Being a politician in Pakistan is even more of a family business than it is here.
  7. Welcome to democracy the Asian way. If their way suits the majority of their natives then let's wind our necks in and let them get on with it. Remember that we don't all live in bloody Washington.

    How do we know that it won't all end like Bobby the Zim fellah? Well the Indian Sub-continent has as much similarity to Africa as South America has to North America. Call me racist; if you must.

  8. A tad like democracy the American way really. Bhutto Family/Kennedy Family, any one spot any similarities?

  9. If Hillary gets in, the Western World will have been led by just 2 families for the last 20 years. Possibly even 28 should she serve 2 terms. Just in time to get Chelsea groomed for office.
  10. Let's not forget that "the world's greatest democracy" has voted them all in, even allowing for Dubya's blatant manipulation of the polls for his second term.

    The worst thing about the Septics is that they believe their own hype about land of opportunity and all that. It probably was, once, but the way they're twisted around the fingers of the patrician political elite is sad to see.

    We haven't got it right, by any means, but at least we can put ourselves up for election and know that our roots won't prevent us getting there.

    The overwhelmingly good thing about the USA is that it has a recognised, reliable, written Constitution (even if they got the guns thing badly wrong).
  11. Contributor Mode


    I am sure that you would not convict a person on an assumption of what you think they may have been"thinking" at some point in time.

    If my guess of your character is correct, you rather do Mz Bhutto a dis-service by suggesting she has conspired with persons unknown to have Asif Ali Zardari murdered.

    Or is it as she is dead she cannot sue you for Libel

  12. I heard that her followers, all said they would follow her to the grave! Blackburn, Preston and Rochdale have all laid on free buses.....................

  13. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: PMSL.........
  14. Does that include democratic dictatorships such as the situation in the UK over the last 11 years?

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