Discussion in 'Charity' started by Squirrel, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. While I was doing some shopping at my local supermarket in Stamford, I noticed the RNA stall up, and went up to donate and chat with the old boys. One of them got to mention that he was hoping to organise a reunion for his old squad at ganges but didn't know where to start. I told him about RR and he said that he'd heard of it, but had no access to the internet. I told him that I would quite happily help him out. The gentleman's name is Mr John Curtis, the squad he was in was "HMS GANGES, Collingwood Division 361/352 of 1957, with one half being Buntins and the other Sparkers. He would like to organise a reunion sometime in 2007.

    If they above applies to any of you, or indeed anyone you know, or knows Mr Curtis, please PM me your details so that I can pass them on to him, I've no doubt he'll be in touch soon.
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    Can I suggest Navy News?

    Navy News contact details:
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    United Kingdom.

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  3. Better still and probably quicker, try:

    they will have the info at their fingertips.


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