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Another post which has originated from my research in preparation for my SIFT Interview.

Am I correct in saying that there is no formal return of service for the RNR? More specifically, RNR Officers?

I have spent ages scouring google and having read BR3(1) Chapter 53 which deals with Return of Service, I cannot see anything which suggests there is a mandatory requirement placed upon RNR personnel. Surely I'm missing something?

If that's the case, the only actual requirement placed upon the RNR is:
1) 24 days per year (12 continuous, 12 non continuous) in order to be eligible for your bounty
2) The requirement placed upon you should you be mobilised

I'm also assuming that whilst there may or may not be a return of service, you'd be expected to give at least 28 days notice to your CO should you wish to resign your commission?

This might be another one that @CmdKeen can clear up? ;)
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Note, though, that Bounty has a number of mandatory elements included in the small print.
RNFT, Security, some returns, for example. Additionally some units may mandate certain other "Compulsory Attendances"- at your CO's discretion.


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A slightly obscure point but "resigning your commission" is not the same as leaving the naval service. Under 15 years service you can be removed from the Active List, over 15 and you can be placed onto the Retired List - in both cases you retain the commission (that doesn't mean you're still liable for mobilisation). You need to give a month's notice.

Resigning a commission is a much more serious thing that involves the Admiralty Board, the BR says: "In doing so, officers totally sever their connection with the Service; they are no longer allowed to use their Service rank, wear uniform on appropriate occasions nor be recalled for Service."

If your performance is sufficiently poor, or you're naughty, you can be compulsorily removed from the Active List - i.e. fired from the RNR. Essentially if you never turn up or do anything that's how you can be cleared off the books as an officer.

Generally, other than mobilisation, the RNR doesn't work on the basis of compulsion as that's a really good way to destroy a volunteer force. Even in mobilisation we tend to volunteer people who have expressed a willingness.

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