Returning to General Service

Lets say you volunteered from GS and have completed the 5 years in SM service (and more) and basically, had enough of the shyt conditions, shyt duties and constant struggle for leave and not knowing the plan for more than a few weeks ahead (T boats basically)

could you go back to GS with ease...?
Once in the Submarine Service no one ever wants to leave, it's on the recruiting leaflet so it must be true.

What was that, you have dodgy ears and have to go back on ships? ;)


Lantern Swinger
Return to General Service? I'd rather have my balls power sanded. Turning to for the sake of turning to, shaving, ironing and other pointless exercises - good jollies but bad memories of the bollox that passes as management - GTF from this hombre
Glad to hear that GS don't have any gash routines, like shaving, or getting up to go on watch, or scrubbung out, or rounds or programme changes, or wearing a nice uniform, or being 'forthright' with a baby 2 ringer, or.......

Phew, I wonder why there is s/m pay at all really..........

The grass was never greener and I was a volunteer!
I did it. mind you I was about to be rated, so I didn't miss the money so much (plus I married a PONN)
Watch them though. You have to request to return to General Service on the issue of the next draft order and you suddenly find a 2 year draft order/extension 'passing in the post'.
I requested a years extension on the boat. Then with that in my paws, I put in for the return!!
Good luck with it!

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