There is an E petition on line at (search HMS Hermes ) for the return of HMS Hermes to the UK after her service with the Indian Navy. This would serve as an iconic attraction given the history of the collective previous Hermes ships whom took great roles in both WW1 and WW2. Along with the amazing lifespan this carrier has given over many years leading up to her Flagship status during the Falklands.
Closing date is 31/03/2015.


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Oh sweet jesus no. We've already got Lusty struggling to find credible buyers as it is, let alone a rust bucket old carrier which had a fairly obscure life other than a brief moment of glory in 1982. She's a ship that would cost a fortune as a museum, and would probably end her days like HMS PLYMOUTH did.

More to the point, how exactly does the MOD propose to get her back, given the Indians have owned her and operated her for longer than we did?

Let it go fellas, just let it go.
Pushbikes missing from Guz? Pretty likely. I can remember the Indians working a pretty ruthless deal re the handover of Hermes.

I also remember speaking to an officer many years ago who was a former RN Sea Hawk pilot. He told me he had been involved in the handover to the Indian Navy of Sea Hawks which were to be operated from their earlier carrier Vikrant. Some years later, his ship ( possibly Victorious?) visited India and he and his colleagues were invited to dinner in Vikrant, which was also in port. He had previously met one of his Indian Navy hosts in the handover of the Sea Hawks, and asked how they were getting on with the aircraft.

He told me he was somewhat disconcerted with the reply:

"Oh, the Sea Hawk is a very good wog-bashing aircraft."

Perhaps the Indian Navy needed some diversity training.......