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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 2badge_mango, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I was privileged to be a guest of 22nd Signal Regiment last Saturday, courtesy of my grandson, as they celebrated their homecoming from Afghanistan. The afternoon reception was great. Plenty to drink and a fine selection of Ghurka curries to eat, with around 1300 members and guests.
    Prior to this the regiment marched into Stafford Town centre to be awarded their medals, and then exercised their Freedom of Entry by marching through the Town.
    Comments have been made previously about the lack of enthusiasm shown by civpop to returning troops. I can report that the citizens of
    Stafford turned out in their thousands, clapping and cheering and waving Union Jacks. The lads I spoke to were very appreciative and found it very moving.
    A big BZ to Stafford.

  2. Well done people of Stafford!
  3. It's not as uncommon as people think, the Daily Mail would have you believe we all arrive home to egg throwing and chants of "Baby murdering scum!" Sounds like a good one though, when the Fusiliers returned from Iraq in Newcastle I was very impressed with the reception they got.

    BZ Stafford.
  4. Heart warming news good on em.
  5. I live right in the heart of a Jewish community, with the Asian area right next door, there is very little crime and very few problems in either area. I feel safer her than when I cross the river into the white sink estates.

    Many of the Sikh community were out in force when the Fusiliers returned, despite there not being a coloured face in their ranks.

    I don't accept that people these communities don't have elements that are behind our forces.
  6. Seadog

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    From 2BM's starter post
    A good news post. Then some serious culling as it didn't take long for the usual suspects to derail (as opposed to merely wandering off topic) a thread that deserved a bit more than they could offer.

    MLP's post above has been left as it was a tonic to the gash that went before. It isn't an invite to kick off again.
  7. Having had what I thought was a reasonable post "culled", I am seriously considering withdrawal from this site, as the moderators too often stray into overt censorship.
  8. I would say the sikh community despite being far far smaller than the muslim community have an equal presence in the armed forces. Although this is just my experience and not actual fact. (would be intresting to sea the figures though)
    I think i was once told that joining the millitary is a big part of sikh culture. Whether this is true or not is anothe rmatter.
  9. Sikhs are proud and honorable people, good fighters who don't cut and run.Anyone remember the big jolly Sikh doorman at Raffles Hotel in the 60's ? They gave a good account of themselves in both world wars
  10. The Armed Forces has enough Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu adherents to justify a chaplain for each belief system. There a few hundred Sikhs and Hindus and a couple of thousand Buddhists, although that includes the both Ghurkas and Nepalese direct entrants. They are civilians, rather than uniforms but I know each of them have been in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the last year or so.
  11. Weren't half of them fighting for the Germans? ;)

    Apologies for my contribution to the culled section!
  12. I have an ex-Ghurka working for me at the moment, who, like many of his countymen was raised Bhuddist but was forced to become Hindu by Perce. May have changed mind.
  13. I understand that about half of the ghurkas have now changed from Hindu to Buddhist.

    But back on topic, I'd tend to agree with Monty, whilst the tabloid media might suggest that it's a rarity I see far more support for the services than I do criticism, and my work brings me into contact with a pretty broad spectrum.
  15. A fair number were, but the complexities of the history of British India in the inter-war years are way off topic for this thread.

  16. It may well be off topic but it is a misleading statement and should not be left unchallenged. A small number were recruited from prisoner of war camps and this was nothing near "half of them". Let their record stand.
  17. And it can be discussed in another thread, if required.

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