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Upon reaching 65, old Fred decided to retire. After
having him under foot for a few months, his wife
became very agitated with him. She suggested he
go and do something to occupy himself, like join
a club or get a hobby.

Old Fred obliged and went out for a couple of hours.
When he got home his wife asked about his day
and he replied, "Oh, I just went down to the corner
bar and hung out with the guys. Oh yeah, I joined
a parachute club."

"What? Are you nuts? You're 65 years old and
you're going to start parachuting?"

"Yeah, look I even got a membership card."

"Old man, you need glasses! This is a membership
in a Prostitute Club!"

"Oh, great, now what am I gonna to do? I signed up
for five jumps a week!"
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