Retirement - Spouses of Armed Forces personnel.

I have copied and pasted this post from a member of an expats forum so my apologies if it's already on here somewhere.
Hopefully it might be useful to someone.

Whilst looking into the future UK pension rights of my wife I came upon a UK government fact sheet which indicated that the wife of a UK armed forces personnel posted abroad and accompanied may be entitled to National Insurance Contributions Class 3 for that period of time.To get further information we wrote to Individuals Caseworker, NIC & EO, HMRC, BX9 1AN giving my military details & NI N°, our date of marriage, my wife’s details and NI N°. Both of us signed the letter.I listed my periods of service abroad. With the letter I attached : photocopy of our marriage certificate, photocopies of my red book showing periods and locations of service.All that was posted on 1 May 2017, because we had not received any reply on 18 July I sent an email through the HMRC website requesting an update on my original letter. Today my wife has received an email reply saying that a reply has been posted on 20 July and that her pension account has been updated.On looking at heron-line UK pension account she has been given (at no cost) all the years that she accompanied me abroad.We still have not received the HMRC confirmation letter.For further information go to this website.