Retirement in Jerusalem


A rabbi on his retirement goes and sees his friend Kohen the leather maker.
“Kohen for 50 years I have performed circumcision and I retire next week. I have collected the foreskins of all the circumcisions I have performed over 50 years. Please make me something to remember this by”
And the Rabbi leaves Kohen with a bag of foreskin.

A week later the Rabbi walks into the leather shop
“Kohen what have you made for my retirement?”

Kohen looks up and says “rabbi for you , I have made this briefcase made out of the foreskins”

The rabbi looks upset “ A BREIFCASE - 50 years of circumcision and all I get is a small breifcase!!!”

Kohen “ah haaa, ah haaaa my dear Rabbi this may be a breifcase - but when you rub it - it becomes a suitcase !!!”


I know someone who is going to retire to Jerusalem, he's going to open a cheese shop.

He's going to call it Cheeses of Nazareth!
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