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Retd Koninklijke Marine Officer Looking to stay in Pompey

Bad CO

Just in by email. Are there any options open to this retired officer?

I'm ex Army so can't help other than to point out that Salisbury Plain is about 5o miles up the road!

I'm a retired captain of the Dutch Armed Forces. Me an my brothers plan to visit Portsmouth for a visit to all places were the liberation of Europe started early 1944. I was wundering if we could stay at a military place for about 6 daya in april 2016.
If he's an ex-Marine, he probably needs to be working the RM/RNLM links a bit more. Mess accommodation in Pompey is very tight at the best of times. Failing that, perhaps a call to the Corps Col's Office in WI might start the ball rolling.

There's a decent number of hotels in Pompey that'd fit the job just as well, and for significantly less hassle!


Lantern Swinger
I can't help personally, but a visit (or maybe even an overnight stay) to the Wardroom in Southwick Park would be the perfect start to their visit given the historical significance of the place.


War Hero
Highly unlikely as space is limited, and also access restrictions for civvies will be an issue.

Frankly give how appalling the mess is at Dryad and elsewhere, and knowing how much MOD charge non-entitled personnel, I'd save money and stay in a hotel elsewhere.
Given it's importance , Southwick House still intact ?.

Allied naval headquarters, Southwick House

Southwick Park, the site that includes Southwick House, is within the grounds of the Defence College of Policing and Guarding. The D-Day wall map at Southwick House can be viewed by the public, but access is by prior appointment only. Please do not try to visit without an appointment.

To visit Southwick House, please contact the Defence School of Policing and Guarding to make a booking. This can only be done by email at: [email protected].​
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