Retard Squad HMS Raleigh Grenville 43 1980 ?

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by funkycook62, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Looking for some help ?we were Grenville 43 October 1980 most of us got back classed " ended up passing out the week befor Christmas as Mountbaten Squad ,remember some guys : Tony Caravan / Kevin Richardson Ian Smith re Spitz .lost touch will all the guys i joined with Ended up re badging just before SA82 . does anyone know this squad ? if so do they have a copy of our passing out Picture ? would love a copy and willing to pay for the printing and postage . Regards Steve
  2. Are you sure you meant that word in the subject heading 8O

    I fear a lot of us are like that. we join up and get to know our fellow classmates and then go our seperate ways when we get drafted. It's not until years later, probably when we come to the end of our service that we start to think back to all the friends we made, some becoming very close, and wondering where they are and what they are doing now.

    Perhaps we should have a 'Where are they now' thread and put some names of people we would like to contact so they can pm or email if they are interested in getting back in touch.

    There are some good websites for doing this, not least Friends Reunited where I have had great success.
  3. I've found some classmates from Raliegh on facebook.
    Well worth a try
  4. Been well over thirty years since I met any of the lads one wonders on meeting up again. Who is alive and who out of the troop is dead. Did I owe anybody money? I do know JB owes me a tin of Irish Stew and a tin of Semolina from app August 1972.
  5. thank you : did mean it in a light hearted way as most of us in the squad got backclassed , Regards Steve
  6. hated that stuff in those tins ,
  7. thanks Clanky , did find a couple guys but was hoping to get the passing out pic . regards Steve

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