retaking aptitude test 6 months after failure instead of 12!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ben1985, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi there , my last topic was about failing my aptitude test on Wednesday.

    I've had time to sit down and think and decided I really want still to go in the Royal Navy, so i remember the bloke who was there at the time when he told me i had failed, that i could re-take the test in 6 months instead of 12 if i have a letter from a tutor stating that i was studying what i failed on, something very similar to them words, so question is, is this the truth?

    Do i go to the local college and ask them for a couple of month course on maths improvement as such, get the letter sent to Lincoln (my AFCO) and then get the test again in September instead of March 08?!

    can this be done, somebody else must know of it,


    Ben W
  2. Re: retaking aptitude test 6 months after failure instead of

    I do believe that is the trust as I have heard it from someone else who did it.

    The letter aside, actually studying the subject you are weak at makes sense.

    Good luck with your second attempt, and remember to answer the easy questions first to build your confidence, never spend too long on one particular question (keep an eye of the time, I put my watch on the desk in front of me) and when you are near the end make an educated guess on the answer to ensure no answers are left blank.
  3. Hello Ben
    Still go to your local college, if possible get a couple of old papers to show the maths lecturer, then parhaps he can advise you what to study.
    Don't forget the better your pass the better the trade offered.
  4. Re: retaking aptitude test 6 months after failure instead of

    yep, thats all fine, so it's definitley confirmed and then once ive found a course that lasts a few months or something like that, send a letter of confirmation from the tutor to my AFCO?, and then I will be able to take my aptitude test again in September then yeh?

    I really am going to try very hard on this maths, even though i only failed by 1 point!, not forgetting he said my english and mechanical understanding was very good.


    Ben W
  5. Re: retaking aptitude test 6 months after failure instead of

    Joining the RN is a commitment. Think carefully about which branch you join. Though you failed by only 1 point the branch that you applied for is possibly not the one that you would be happiest in. By passing the test with a much better score rather than just scraping through you should be given a better selection of trades to apply for.
    Perhaps some of the stewards on RR would send you a p.m. and let you know what the job entails and if they would choose this branch again.
    Best of luck with your retest and hope that your time in the R.N. is as happy as mine was.
  6. Re: retaking aptitude test 6 months after failure instead of

    thanks for the advice so far slim, so once ive found a right type of maths course to take from where i am and improve it greatly do i just ask for a letter on confirmation , and then send this to the afco, with a letter explaning this and will i be allowed to take the test in septemeber?

    Then ill just wait for the letter back which should hopefully confirm it all and then ill get seriously knuckling down.

    Ben W
  7. Re: retaking aptitude test 6 months after failure instead of

    Sorry Ben can't help you with this question. I joined in 1963 and the procedures just may have changed a little since then :oops:
    I think that many colleges do a standard numeracy course, these are free of charge and are run extremely regularly. Try to get onto one of these. After a couple of weeks the course tutor should be able to assess which would be the best course for you.
  8. yes i am in the same postion as you i failed on maths going to learn direct to do maths course for free you can retake in 6 months instead of 12 biu how many attempts can you have
  9. A course in English punctuation would be useful as well. :roll:
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: retaking aptitude test 6 months after failure instead of

    Just to clear-up any misunderstandings Ben- it's no good whatsoever doing just a couple of months college. In order to re-sit the recruiting test you must be in Full Time education for 6 months prior to re-sitting the test & be able to prove it. You only get two attempts at the recruiting test, three under exceptional circumstances- ie: you have to be an exceptional candidate in respect of personal qualities. Read the content of the posts in response to your query-there is some very sound advice given.

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