Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by haribo, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Had my interview on the 11th Aug and passed! So thanks to all who gave me tips. Have now had a medical and fitness test both of which i passed........ Now they say i just have to sit and wait for a letter because apparently there is a 15 month wait for the trade i applied for.
    Anyway i'm chuffed and relieved thats all done
    Again thanks alot to you lot :)
  2. Glad to hear it, you sound very keen which is nice, I'm sure you'll get on great.

    From now until you go to Raleigh I suggest you get your fitness up to a peak, you've got over a year so plenty time! If you can crack the fitness at Raleigh then you'll walk it, seriously. And why not pass it easily if you can. :) There's a lot about fitness training at if you're interested. All the best & keep us informed!
  3. pleased for you, im still waiting for my forms to go to my AIb, the navy seem to take a while, like dunkers said, now is teh time to get fitness up
  4. ohaire, the RN is on summer leave at the moment, this might be causing a delay.
  5. If your lucky mate you'll get in earlier than this - I was told for my branch they had an 18 month waiting list - they rang me up the next month and told me there had been a "gap" and I could join the following week!

    My thought process (after all I know now) is that they wanted me to join an under manned branch and gave me a later date hoping I'd change my branch.

    Stick with your guns mate - and the best of luck to ya'.
  6. Well done and welcome to the 'Senior Service'

    +1 with the others. Keep your fitness levels up/build upon and keep yourself out of trouble as well.

    Good luck with your choice of career.
  7. Congrats haribo. Have you asked to be put down as a short notice replacement if anyone drops out? Used to be able to do this years ago.

    I also recommend that you learn to use an iron (if you haven't already, improve your naval knowledge (types of ships, weapons, etc), practice knots and a bunch of other stuff that I'm sure the others here in RR will tell you to do.

    Everything you learn before will be something less for you to crack when you're there and that will make life so much easier for you.

  8. Ditto, washing your own clothes!
  9. What, you matelots don't have washing machines on board? 8O Or steam presses? Or Stewards?.... :lol: Can't you bring your mothers along?

    Seriously though, when my dad did National Service (in the RAF, need I say more!) he astonished me years later by revealling that because he lived close to home he sent it home for washing & ironing, and his mother sewed all his badges on for him! Meanwhile I had to do my own kit and sewing whilst in the Royal Observer Corps whilst I was living at home (I joined when I was still at school). Talk about double standards! :lol:
  10. AAC - the PO Stoker was a part 1 instructor in another life, and we are talking about Raleigh, where they do not have any of those things.
  11. I knew they didn't have them at the G-Spot, alledgedly... but not in Raleigh! Dear, dear me! I suspect most people these days don't know how to wash things in a sink with soap/washing-up liquid/washing powder (or shampoo!). Mind you, I must admit until AEG produced their idiot proof (ie Man proof) washing machines (with types of clothings rather that temperatures, etc) I too relied on hand washing - it was cheaper than having to frequently replace clothing through shrinkage or disintegration!!! :lol:
  12. They've gone soft in this pink and fluffy navy. They even have tumble dryers at Raleigh now! :eek:
  13. Now that is a retrograde step! Clothes & bedding definately smell better dried in the open air.
  14. They always have done, but not washing machines that the trainees could use. Although I am always open to correction from someone who has been there recently.
  15. Tisdall Division (RNR) at Raleigh has them - maybe the regular part 1s don't, not sure.
  16. I always thought the RN had Chinese laundrymen onboard ships? Then again, to be fair, it is a useful life skill being able to wash your clothes (and yourself) in your sink or a bucket when you're on an exped. Comes in very handy when you go yachting - unless you're used to all the mod cons ashore, that is! I don't think the RNSA approve of hanging out your washing to dry whilst flying their burgee though! :oops: :lol:

    It always amuses me how many yachties actually DO regard the mod cons as being ESSENTIAL. Who needs hot showers when soap and a bucket of cold water on deck do just as well, or washing machines when you can wash them in a bucket. :roll:

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