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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by golden_rivet, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. For those of us who browse the site from work it would be good to have an option to view the site without all the pleasant illustrations of bottoms etc. Would this be possible? Obviously in my private life I'm happy to be innundated with such materials - not at work though

  2. :pottytrain2:

    It shouldn't be too hard to provide a text only format… most sites do.
  3. Why not just tick the 'show html and bbc' to no, then it won't show.
  4. Doesn't work Jen,

    many avatars have things on that make it obvious one isn't doing one's work or might even offend colleagues. I'm all in favour of self expression so would never suggest censorship in this area. I repeat though a text only version option would be excellent ... would you pass this comment on to the appropritate person please


  5. Shouldn't you be working? o_O

    Or, are you complaining about the female derriere and not enough male appendages? ^~
  6. I'll second this
  7. A third option (along with Navy & RM) which made the desktop look as neutral as Pprune would mean I could surf without worrying.

  8. ARRSE does have this option, but who wants to spend their time there.

  9. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! :whew:
  10. GCO is currently rebuilding a 'master theme' which will go live on ARRSE first. Once he has done that then we'll cascade it down to RR (& RP). I'll make sure that the 'work safe' version also follows onto here.

    As always, we'd be grateful for your patience as these things do take time and he is currently fitting this in around his dissertation ......
  11. I can wait Bad Co - RR is worth it - wish him all the best in his diss too

  12. Ok while we are at the suggestion box....
    can i ask if its possible to remove the IGS( what ever that is..) from the chat room... as it stops many users... whilst they are away at sea. getting into chat...
    (this is from another poster in another thread....) :afro:
  13. That's not up to GCO/ BCO ;)

    The IGS is the MOD gateway which all service internet provision is managed through. It blocks certain functionality for security reasons.
  14. Ahhh, try not logging on when you are supposed to be working?
    Sorry just call me simple-pinta?

  15. Oh sorry Pinta - do you not get a lunch break in the hospital? :hug:
  16. New theme on the way - I've just finished the ARRSE ones. I will also do a 'work safe' version for RR as you've suggested. This will still have attached pictures in posts (avoiding threads called 'hot young virgins' is recommended) but will be almost white and have no avatars or user signatures.
  17. The "Safe_at_Work" theme is now online. As promised, no avatars, no signatures and mostly white.

    and can be temporarily chosen in the box on the bottom right of the site front page:

    or if logged in you can set this permanently in your account preferences here:

    This is the first of the new layout 'themes', which follow the pattern tested on ARRSE. The colours won't be any different to the current RN / RM ones, but they are cleaner and simpler and have a lot of fixes over the current ones.

    For more discussion and before asking "why?" or "what happened to..?", please see here:

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