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Respect for referees


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The day after the FA introduce a "Respect for referees" campaign, we're treated to the unedifying spectacle of Ashley Cole assaulting a fellow pro (never a tackle), then refusing to face the referee that dared to show him a yellow card. Chuck in the Chelsea Experts on the rules (Terry, Lampard, and surprise, surprise, Drogba) to give their expert opinions on what a pratt the ref is, and you get a right disgraceful exhibition of bad sportsmanship, and bad manners.
To show that I am not-anti Chelski, week in, week out, little Mr Rooney has his incessant foul mouthed rant at officialdom, that only SKY seems to pick up, and the officials never seem to hear. If there was a swearbox on the touchline, he could BUY Great Ormond Street, let alone buy a new kidney machine or whatever.
These teams aren't the only ones who do it - they all do, but what sort of example does this to the impressionable kids who idolise these people ? I saw a kids gane the other week, where a 10 year old have the ref a right gobful of abuse, and the parents wanted to attack the ref when he sent him off.
It's about time the refs got a pair of balls and started sending people off for this sort of thing - it's within their powers by the rules, and the FA grew a pair and dished out lengthy suspensions and fines that make an impression in these overpaid prima donnas wallets.
Anyone out there got any thoughts ?
With you all the way mate.
If I had my way, descent (sp?) would be an instant sending off offence.
It would only take a few weeks before these overpaid twats learnt to keep it shtum, then a bit of respect would start to re-enter the game.
How about following in the footsteps of RFU regarding the 10 yard rule?
Every time some "star" ponced around gobbing off when a free kick was awarded, the free kick would move 10 yards forward until it got inline with the penalty area (or three moves forward) and a penalty was awarded instead.


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The ten yard rule was introduced some years ago but only lasted about one season, and a yellow card had to be shown as well. For some reason it seemed as if the refs were reluctant to use it.

With the way football has gone over recent years, where players surround the ref, mob him and hurl abuse etc, the cheating and diving and play acting and histrionics I really became put off of football. I much prefer to watch a game of Rugby (Union - the real one, not the northern monkey flat cap and clog wearer's game of league!)

If they really want to stamp out dissent, perhaps they should show an immediate red card to offenders with the penalty being an instant 5 match ban and a one point deduction for the team for each player sent off. No appeal. The only player being permitted to approach the referee being the team captain. It may be harsh, but watch the dissent stop overnight.


Jimmy_Green said:
(Union - the real one, not the northern monkey flat cap and clog wearer's game of league!)
Not very good at league the welsh are they Jimmy.

However back on topic, the refs have all the power they need to deal with these situations, they are reluctant to use the though, especially against a home player as it is not just the players on the pitch he has to deal with, but the supporters as well. Some referees have been targeted days and weeks after a match by a disgruntled supporter.

I am in no way defending the refs who back away from tackling this behavior with the yellow and red cards, just highlighting why they may be reluctant..


Reading players never surround the ref, Steve Coppel will not have it and his interviews after the match are some thing to behold.
The late ,great Brian Clough would never allow his players to approach the ref, apparently Capello is going to get tough with the England players and make them show respect, we shall see.
about twatting time - i thought that only the captain was going to be allowed to talk to ref.

on a side issue the ref at chelsea ducked the issue and wanted a quiet game so therefore appeased himself to the team

until we start dishing out proper punishments with refs backed up all the way we'll never win

and when will fergie and wenger buy some blooody glasses - the amount they miss each game makes me think theyre pi88ed or incompetent


War Hero
shag_shacker said:
when will fergie and wenger buy some blooody glasses - the amount they miss each game makes me think theyre pi88ed or incompetent

Selective blindness mate, they only see what they want to see.

It made me laugh recently when Fergie was dripping about Wenger who had moaned to the ref about the amount of time left on the watch. Fergie must believe that he's the only one entitled to do that, which he proceded to do at the next game.


Its quite simple really. The Ref just needs to use the laws of the game already in place and have the balls to implement them. Fineing players is not the answer but maybe the docking of points might make the managers instruct their players to show some respect to not just the ref but other players as well.


Lantern Swinger
Gents totally in agreement with you ref the lack of respect for Refs in the so called beautiful game, has a retired rugby union second row walking back 10 hard fought metres because some t**t has just gobbed off to the ref really used to wind me up. has you've already said football refs need to grow some balls and use the powers they already have, a few red cards and all that they entail with missed games should soon start to make a difference plus the rugby union rule of assult the ref and your off not just for the rest of the game but for LIFE!


They totally mucked up the 10 metre rule in football by saying that the referee, if he awarded 10m for dissent, must caution the offending player.

This made a lot of referees reluctant to move the game up the pitch for dissent as minimal whinging could effectively have a player sent off, if he was already on a card.

They (the refs) knew this would only lead to lambasting from the media and the bloody pundits on TV who are calling for the clampdown now.

Having the award of 10m for the first dissent, followed by a yellow for the second, would have cleared any confusion. If the player gobbed off once and the ball was advanced I am pretty sure he would have had the sense to keep his trap shut.

But then, we are talking about footballers aren't we?
well i do beleive that the ref in the liverpool-man utd game stamped his respect all over Mascherano this afternoon.

as one who hates man utd thru and thru the scouser deserved all he got - when will people stop hassling the ref abnd accept his authority. rugby is an example of controlled thuggery to the highest order and absolutely no dissent is allowed.


Football and Rugby are totally different games. Rugby is a game of territorial movment and the ten yard penalty used in Rugby did not translate to football where the ball moves from one end of the pitch and back again in a matter of seconds.

Often a free kick outside the box moved forward 10 yards would put the attacking team at a disadvantage as the distance was shorter to whip the ball over the wall and then back down again.

I like the fact that Rugby players have an inbuilt respect for the referee but please lets not have any moralising from rugby players. Its a pity they don't show the same respect to their opponents instead of cowardly stamping on them when they are prone or swinging a punch when the opponent is looking the other way.

Once Premier League refs distance themselves from the players and cut out the familiarisation with the big stars they will be in a better position to apply the laws of the game. Mascherano could easily have had a red card for his initial response to the first yellow which consisted of him repeatedly telling Steve Bennett to "**** Off".


War Hero
Bennett was the 4th official in the Chelski game last week where it all went pear shaped, when the Chelski Debating Society(J Terry, Pres) had their spat with the ref. However, he did sweet FA, but the rules state he could.
As the ref in a high profile match like Man U v Liverpool, he was obviously told by the Sweet FA to take no crap from the overpaid prima donnas who infest Premiership football pitches. First tackle Mascherano makes, he's booked. Meanwhile, Torres is kicked, pushed and generally assaulted by the Man U defence. Understandbly, Torres asks WTF is going on here Ref, and gets booked for dissent. Masherano, in a fit of Hispanic solidarity asks the same question, and is shown a red card. Although he asked for it by persistently giving the ref GBH of the earhole, I think the FA decided that any dissent would be given the max after Cole's disgusting displAy, and Liverpool will pay the price by having a key player missing fRom the Merseyside Derby next weekend. Bit confused by supporting the rules of the game being enforced at long last, to the detriment of my team, LIVERPOOL ??????


Book Reviewer
The Ref got it spot on during the ManU Liverpool game today, only hope it continues.

I can't lipread in person but for some reason understand a few words coming out the mouths of footballers on the TV. I wonder if any deaf football fans have ever complained.

Theres something not right about a any footballer (drogba today) after scoring the equalizer, stripping off and running bare chested into a bunch of mostly unknown men,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm.


War Hero
Used to be, just a look of contempt or spitting got you a caution and possibly a sending off, the fact they are now allowed to place their mitts on an official is terrible, should be an immediate red card and maybe send the manager out as well.

I think for the most part, true fans would cut the refs some slack even if a call went against their team, they are after all a very important integral part of the game right?

I've watched a few of mickey rooney's tirades towards the refs....he should be told to STFU by his captain, that's where a lot of the blame should go, some of these so called captains are worthless, as they throw the arm band around to whoever happens to be fit on that particular day, whether they qualify or not...

And the diving and rolling around on the turf like you were shot is pathetic, too much drama now a days, I respect the striker who scores his goals, turns to the person who provided the opportunity and thanks him instead of trying to leap into the stands and brushing off his team mates, just shows most are egotistical twits and are not team players...

End rant.... ^_^;


Thought I might put in my professional opinion in on this matter (being an FA referee)
More and more referees are expected to allow the game to flow and I think this is probably the main reason for things escalating.
Several comments earlier suggested the rules are there and referees only need to apply them and "get sum balls". I agree the rules are definitly there and should be respected and in fact spitting at anyone is a red card offense as is "using offensive or insulting or abusive language and or gestures". The problem a lot of referees have is the fact a lot of the application of such rules are "in the opinion of the referee/at referees discretion"
Plus might I remind you women referees might have a hard time getting sum balls. :D

On a not so professional thought I think yes sum referees could apply the rules more but look at what happens after - would you purposely place yourself in a position where you could come away with a broken nose?

By the way don't quote me on any of this, this not official declaration blah blah blahh - just me covering my bak don't want any hassle lol
I think the problem is more fundamental and starts largely outside the Game. It seems to reflect the attitude of “young people†(as footballers predominantly are) to authority and respect for the agreed Rules. It’s not a lot different to the way modern kids treat their teachers and, for that matter, the Police.

In professional football, the pop star income and adulation probably distorts the players’ attitude to themselves and others around them. Referees don’t get paid astronomical sums and gain celebrity status so these prima donna Players look down on them as relative nonentities. A sort of “who are you to tell me, you never been Capped, nor award given pauperâ€. Secondly, Football is no longer Sport, it’s big business. Following the American model, there’s no room for sport nor chivalry in Business and there’s no room for “losersâ€.

Unless Football, in particular, grasps this problem and forces the spoiled buggers to change their ways, it will become increasingly worse. More importantly, the message this sends affects behaviour and attitudes well beyond the game.


War Hero
Just watched Arsenal v Liverpool on SKY, quite a good match. Loads of incident, a couple of bookings (all deserved I might add), but not a single display of dissent, despite several decisions I might have contested as a player/manager/linesman. Obviously, both teams had been told that dissent was a great big no-no, and played to their managers orders. Nice to see - wonder how Chelski & Man U follow this up tomorrow ?

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