Resit recruitment test after TMU?


Hi all,

Initially applied to the UGAS program back in 16, and after an eternity waiting one capita to sort out my medical form and then appealing their decision I was declared temporarily medically unfit :(

Now that the time point is coming up (May) I contacted the local afco about reapplying and they mentioned I’d have to start from scratch, recruitment test, interview etc.

When I had initially called post appeal decision, I was told I wouldn’t have to resist the test due to it being valid for 3 years. Is this still the case or is the person I spoke to today correct?


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One possible explanation is that the application elements (RT, medical etc) need to still be in date when you eventually join. If you're coming up to the last year of your RT's validity then it would probably make sense to do it again.

Your best bet is to clarify with your AFCO.

Lots of people get stuck in the application phase for a while, for various (often multiple) reasons. It has almost become an unofficial test of commitment for joining the RN, and good experience in overcoming obstacles. Just keep at it, the career at the end is worth it :D


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Must admit it's a mystery to me why the recruit test is only valid 3 years. We don't ask people to resit GCSE's etc.

If you passed for UGAS once, there's no reason why you will not pass it again.

The new online practice recruit test is stunningly similar to the real thing. So much so, I'm not sure whether it's actually a memory test rather than a psychometric test. The only tip I'd offer, when doing the practice test is click on the text of the selected answer - if you hover and click on the dot to the left, it scores incorrectly (doh!).

Likewise there is another set of less useful/representative practice questions, also on the RN website that should have been removed as they are not as good, but haven't. Yet.

And yes, I have raised these issues.


Cheers ninja, passed it once shouldn’t be an issue passing it again.

Chalk, test should still be in date but it seems that I’ve filed all paperwork related to my test to efficiently! I’ll keep trying to get through to the CPO who was helping me before but I can’t get past the folk at the front desk at the minute!
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