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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by dunjamon, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Ended up resigning from work today as I had a MAJOR disagreement with management. I can't believe that a bank would allow the online banking facilities to be left vulnerable to attack and that I get accused of troublemaking as I reported it to my line manager.

    Glad I don't bank with them anyway

    Copied from blogs (original entry) - post comments here.
  2. May we know which bank we should be avoiding? Not a cousin of the BCCI I hope?
  3. Give us a little more detail and we might give them some stick on your behalf.

  4. Reading between the lines regarding areas of criminal activity, what does and doesn't get officially reported and the recent furore when a small charity (forget the name) reported it had been hacked I would say NO ONE should use online banking.

    We CANNOT trust the banks to tell us when there have been security breaches and they justify their anti-social policies of closing branches and thus contributing to the desintigration or rural and urban society by pretending to offer a secure service and co-opting supposedly 'honest' celebs with a good image to advertise it. (Was it Egg who drafted in all the sports persons to advertise its account?)

    I recently used my Bank (Abbey) and the staff must have been on bag-a-sucker-for-online-banking-bonus because the woman I dealt with was quite strident in her offer of online banking facilities. I refused them and advised her not to believe what her management said about the security of this service and never to use it for her own personal account.

    The Russians are heavily into online banking fraud and I suspect many others. Allowing the access to personal data that is required for so much work to be done in India must have left the system exposed however those more expert than me know more about this.

    Just say no guys!
  5. I didn't think anyone would read this. It's Virgin Money. well their parent company we found a vulnerability which can cause the site to go offline and come back on a terminal logged into that users account. I pointed this out and was accused of troublemaking. Couldn't be bothered arguing so I just walked out. Have been told by ex-colleagues that the problem has been resolved but I just can't believe their reaction about it.
  6. I gave up online banking when I gave my details and password and nothing happened.

    Banks are a pain and a obnoxious carbunkle on the face of planet earth!!

    I could write forever the problems I have had with banks over the years. Claiming on a loan insurance and the loan gets paid then a cheque arrives into my account I tell them it is not my money they insist it is. If I has spent it ???

    The number of prats who actually carry their pin number along with their cards is unbelievable according to a source I know when they have the bag stolen. As if you would tell the bank!!!

    That certain horse bank miscalculated my settlement figure by eight thousand pounds after paying the local weasel [solicitor] the letter stated we are sorry our figures where misleading. Now if my name was Beckham I could have sued for stress and trauma for millions. But with just being Joe Public you just have to pay the weasel.
  7. Have used online banking for years (Lloydstsb) and never had any snags, touchwood
  8. I was working for a third party company which produced their online operations. As a tester I had to make them aware of problems however small they were and I got hassled for it. To be honest though, I'm happily working a nice easy support job until I go for my AIB. At least this way I'm not on call all the time and I can work on improving my fitness:) And I get to go caving more often which is a bonus.

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