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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Harry1, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. She who must be obeyed and myself are coming up to retirement and as we have no kids or strong family ties we have been considering buying a Park Home. Have any of you got any experience in living in a Park etc?Any of you recommend a Park? Would like to return to a coastal area don't care where just hope to do a bit of sea fishing again. :nemo:

    Standing by for piss takeing and incoming :thumright:
  2. I started married life in a residential caravan. It was warm and comfortable. However unless you can manage to buy a home on a freehold piece of land you are at the whim of the site owner. Site owners in the past have determined that to keep the site in pristine condition mobile homes have to be replaced periodically by newer models, normally sold through the site. There is also the annual maintanance charge, which you will have no control over.
    My suggestion is to look at some of the cheaper coastal areas (LLannelli South Wales, Cleethorpes, Peterlee Co Durham, Kirkaldy Scotland) and buy a cheap freehold bungalow or house. Look at prices using Fish 4.
    Your life will not then be ruled by a site owner.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Harry, I understand that they can be a bit of a nightmare, you need to read very carefully the terms and conditions of being on site, I know that the regulations have been tightened up fairly recently, but things like the age of the home, who you can sell it to, who you have to buy the new one off of did come into it, but that may now have changed. The problem being that if you wanted to move out you had to sell to the park owner, if you wanted a new home you had to buy it through him

    A basic thing but make sure that it is a residential park and not a holiday one, a lot of the holiday ones have planning regulations on them which mean that they have to close down for a set amount of time (around two months I think) each year.

    Having said that I have a mate that lives in one in the Weymouth area and its a very nice home by anyones standards, best of luck
  4. Harry
    A holiday retirement home on a 10 month occupancy is not all bad.
    They are normally closed December and January.
    Great spend these two months in Malta in an Hotel. Ensure that you book all inclusive so that all your food and drinks are provided in the price.
    Price about £112 per head per week, but probably less for a two month period. Return flights less than £100 through BA.
  5. There is a nice one near where my kin lives, I always think it looks nice when I drive past.
    Check it out HERE
  6. Having contemplated the same myself last year, most of the points raised by Janner are valid. Unlike bricks and mortar residential caravans are a depreciating asset, and the rate of depreciation is partly fuelled by the site owner directing your funds into his own pocket.

    Equally I hve known people who live in them who are quite happy. I would suggest if you decide to take the plunge in that pool before signing up spend a fair bit of time with existing inmates to find out how the place is run and how fair the owner is.

    There is still relatively low cost property around if you look.
  7. Inmates :pr: :worship: :worship: :worship:
  8. hi

    my old dear used to live in one at yeovil - relatively cheap to buy, some highisgcosts for the right to love on the park £100pcm - when you sell 10% goes to the site owner - no depreciation in factthe opposite as long as it is still habitable. recommend one with good roof and you can buy new ones that are amazing inside, gch double glazing ensuite the full works.
  9. Before moving onto your park home visit the local college of knowledge and sign up for a couple of courses to enhance your retirement prospects.
    May I suggest:

    Clothes Peg carving.
    Fortune telling.
    Lucky Heather gathering and marketing.
    Tarmac drive laying.

    Perhaps RR members may be able to suggest a few more
  10. Slim

    I think for most of the UK other than Royal Berks the inmates in such places tend these days to be people like nurses and plods who cannot afford to get on the local property ladder, along with some retired or semi retired folk. As for the courses you suggest in general these are only available in a father to son process, unless they catch you with one of the daughters.
  11. Maxi
    I was not being serious, it was tongue in cheek.
    I lived at Milltown caravan site in the late 60s early 70s. Navy site run and owned by the crown. It had a club second to none, absolutely brilliant.
  12. Indeed I spotted the bulge but the nudge was irresistable, you kow the way it goes.
  13. So Maxi
    About the driveway, when can I start? I promise it will be finished in an hour.
  14. Sorry, a couple of tinks did it last week.
  15. Too be sure they were me cussins bodgit and scarper. They've done a grand job (thats what they charge). Looks lovely, hope they gave you the white marble chippings free.
    I'll pop round in six months so that I can quote for the repairs.
  16. Thanks to all that replied. I have been looking at sites for some time now and as most of you say it is a minefield. There are some brilliant places but, of course, the homes and site rentals are much more expensive on them and I would be stupid to give up my current "bricks and mortar". There are also some very nice quiet sites which are well within my means. So the dream has not been shattered yet -- will still keep looking.

    Harry1 :nemo:
  17. An alternative would be to buy a touring van, then you can move it around as the fancy takes you and keep the bricks and mortar for the less comfortable months, or even pick up one of the very cheap long stay packages some where warm.

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