Residency Waiver for a British national?

So after thinking about it for a while, I'm thinking about moving to the UK... fixing what needs fixing and joining the Royal Navy. After doing my own research on the matter, I may understand this wrong but because I've never lived in the UK, I may need to apply for a residency waiver? Although I'm a dual citizen, I've never held any other passport other than my British one. Regardless, it seems from my own research and uneducated guesses in the topic, the only thing I would need is my police clearance (I have one issued by the National Bureau of Intelligence of my residency) and I have an immigration issued ID that shows my residence address and thumbprints on it. Would this be enough for that waiver if I even need one? Thank you :)

Chris P

War Hero
Young sir/siress, you might want to try an AFCO or some one of the official variety for straight answers, however you may get some answers which are not quite what you wanted/expected from this unofficial site jokers, take them in the way in which they are intended generally good humoured..and you'll do OK.:)
GED??? Good luck but don't hold your breath....
Well that's concerning but thanks for the reply anyway. Although I've called (internationally) the AFCO offices and they said it shouldn't be a problem for the role I'm interested in, they also said that funding will be available if I ever decide to continue my education there... but the person I spoke to didn't ask if I did the whole "stay in the UK" for 5 years thing. Anyhow, I'll just ring them again on Monday about the issue and applying overseas. :)

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