Residency waiver - documents required.

Discussion in 'RFA' started by AussieMedic, Aug 11, 2016.

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  1. Have found some good information on here re residency requirements and waivers but thought I'd share a bit of info just in case someone else finds it useful.
    As I've been here less than 5 years (but more than 3 and also have a UK passport) the RFA have to apply for a residency waiver for me. Someone kindly PM'd me back in January to let me know this would be the case and, sure enough, the e-mail came through today!

    I have been asked to send in original copies of:-

    my birth certificate

    overseas employer references

    suitable proof of residence for time spent abroad

    overseas police certificate (or statement to detail non-availability)

    Luckily I got a police clearance certificate before I left Australia as I thought I might need it due to having to have a DBS check each year for work. I have used my Aussie equivalent of P60's for proof of residence and, so far, I've been told those will be sufficient. So just a heads up in case anyone going through the application process right now is in a similar position to me with regard to residency and needs to know what extra documents are needed to help the SC process go smoothly.
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  2. Update! My security clearance finally came through - just a few days before I am due to start. From first submitting the online forms it took - wait for it - FIVE MONTHS due to all the extra checks required and the residency waiver as well. So if you've been living/working overseas like me then be prepared for a bit of a wait!
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  3. Five months isn't too bad.

    When I enlisted at my local UOTC many moons ago, it took one chap 15 months for his security clearance to come through and we were all UK citizens!
  4. 15 months?!!! OMG that's unreal! I'm just so happy mine finally came through and I can start with the other new Med Techs in January :)
  5. Well done Aus, it does seem like ages that I've been following your saga! All the best for your basic I start on April 30th
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  6. Cheers mate! Yeah it was a lovely Xmas pressie from the RFA lol!
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  7. :p:)good luck , have you checked your start date is not April 1st ?:p
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  8. Lol! Cheeky devil! Nope, start Tuesday at Excellent then Scotland for 2 weeks and Pompey for 5 weeks :)
  9. Scotland in January, take your thermals you may need them?
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