Discussion in 'UPO' started by notorious, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. I am about to start my resettlement after doing 20 years of service.

    My question is, I am about to go on draft very soon (draft order inbound) so can I be sent to sea in my last 2 years? Understand I can be sent if operationally required but I am not sure if it is the norm to send someone to sea when they are about to start resettlement.

    Any information greatfully received.
  2. SJRM_RN

    Many thanks. Will have a look to see what info I can get. I had a look at JSP 534 and although very usefull in respects to what resettlement was available, it did not quite provide all the information I was after.

    My issue is that if I go to sea it will not be in my preference area for when I leave and it would be a disadvantage to me.

    Many thanks and I will will have a read of the above references.
  3. If you owe sea service you can be sent to sea, simple as that. The 2 years left is irrelevant, but you are entitled to spend your last 4 months before terminal Leave on shore service - see BR3

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