Resettlement lump sum?

My husband is now on terminal leave. Having been told at various times through the resettlement process he would receive a terminal lump sum the day after exit (£10,500) the UPO are now saying it could take up to a month?? Having based all our moving dates/costs on this lump we are now shafted!!!

Has anyone recently left & got this payment? If so how long after your exit date did it take to hit your account?

Lump sum can take up to 35 working days (7 weeks) to appear in your bank account. It's always been that way as far as I know, and I don't think it has changed recently.
He's done 13yrs which means he gets a lump sum of £10,500 according to the UPO but its not a gratuity it's this resettlement grant or allowance (not sure on the proper name!)
I think the problem we have is the UPO have said could be days/weeks/months!!! Er cheers then!!! Not helpful for booking removals & solicitors!! Totally non specific useless information from them as per!
Just a thought Ruthey. If the timing of the arrival of the money is in doubt I would have thought your bank would consider a bridging loan to see you through the moving house period. OK, it will cost a couple of quid but from what you say staying put will too.

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