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Reservist Pay Award - FR2020



I have to say, the rather sanctimonious attitude from SJRM and AngryDoc

What was sanctimonious about my posts? I'm merely pointing out that hard work is not the sole preserve of Reservists, as was tacitly suggested.

Oh, and the only thing DMS20 got wrong was not sacking the non deployable specialty that is Occupational Medicine. Oh, that's right, they wrote it. Strange that.

Regarding sub sub specialties - simply not required in regular service. That is not new thinking - it had been mooted for years. The guide was if it ain't deployable then it ain't regular. Except occ med.


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I have been pointing out that the main thrust of what has been posted by RNR service-people in these threads has been from the moaning side of the fence - how is that sanctimonious?

If all the RNR RR posters are going to do is moan about how shit the RNR is how do they expect to be able to recruit - is that me being sanctimonious? No, not from my understanding of the meaning of the word it isn't.

Thanks anyway. :roll:

It's hardly a purely Reserve phenomenon, as 2_Deck_Dash rather deftly points out over on "Day to Day Warfare Specialist"...

(made I larf, though, and worth a read)


Lantern Swinger
What was sanctimonious about my posts? I'm merely pointing out that hard work is not the sole preserve of Reservists, as was tacitly suggested.


I do long enough hours at my day job that my management have mumbled about the Working Time Directive and made me sign waivers about it. However, many of the (regular) RN officers I work with are routinely in before me and out after me (and they're not wasting the time either), and a couple have work ethics that make Comrade Stakahnov look like a lazy Generation-X slacker. Getting onto a ship for a week or two of defence watches is also good for knocking out the "easy life in uniform" illusion. I do enough with the regular RN to know that they're not at all allergic to hard work.

The problem I have (and P-T as well, at a guess) is precisely because we're all - Service, civilian - working hard with more to do than we have time to do it, and when I say "I want time off to do some training with the RNR..." it's much easier to justify something like IMWarC (which we run and teach ourselves, and pack as much into the time as will fit) than it is something that my regular colleagues know is two days of training packed into two weeks. They understand it has to be done and them's the rules, but they also know (because they've had the same problem) that it's wasted time that could be done much quicker. I'm not slamming the regulars (apart from the ones kowtowing to "those are the rules, they can't be changed, some nasty Army boys did it and ran away") the problem is where I need to take time out of a busy workplace to... well... waste it, and my SO1 knows it and doesn't want to lose me for longer than he has to.

It can be done better, it already is done sometimes: for example, divisional officer training is usually two weeks (and it's not one of the lazy courses) but once or twice a year it is also taught over one working week and two weekends for RNR officers who are short of "time out of work" but need to be taught how to look after their teams. (Can of worms about how the divisional system doesn't work too well in the RNR batted into touch for now, one issue at a time). It can improve and hopefully it will, but to make it better (for the regulars too, hopefully!) we need to be candid and honest about what works, what doesn't, what's necessary and what's not.


In an attempt to bring the discussion back to the original subject matter rather than a lexicographical argument on the definition of sanctimonious this is an interesting read on the Reservist Award:

You can see that the main RAs (>£100,000) get paid to the medical guys and an absolute tiny number (eight) got an uplift of varying amounts for the particular operation. No RNR in the plot but hats off the bootneck who got his salary uplifted from £18k to £104k. While on first sight this looks to be an outrage I bet he lost money on the deal - promotion prospects on his civvie work damaged and therefore long term earnings potential etc. He turned up and answered the call and I suspect that the powers to be would have tried hard to find a cheaper alternative. He should be celebrated for his commitment.
Given that the MOD spend more than all of this total uplift in moments in ordnance or paying off Afghan civpop it's a drop in the ocean.
Although clearly an emotive subject.
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