Reservist needs help!!!


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Hey people,

I am in need of some help. I'm a serving member of the RNR whilst i'm at uni. The thing is that my course (media) have given me a project to do with family photos.

.............So................ i hear you say....................

well i'm taking a different slant on the word family and using our Naval family rather than my biological family.

For this i'm asking if anyone has got old or recent photos of any shipmates. I'm looking to show how close knit we wre in the navy. I would give you full recognition and also give you a copy of my finished project which will be around 2mins long.

my e-mail address is [email protected]

Please get in touch either through here or via e-mail if you can help.

You are welcome to take any off the King Alfred Gallery, most of them are from my time at Vivid.

They may well be before your time but I have shed loads of phots, some of them are clean!


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It does not have to be reservists. Just anything of Jack and the Andrew really. I am trying to get accross what sailors go through in their average life in the Andrew, together with what happens once we pass away (in terms of memorials)

I had a look on the Alfred gallery and there are some good ones on there which have gone into the idea pot.

feel free to e mail me any spare photos (if they are digital) If you have them in old print format and you don't m ind i can give you my address and i'll scan them into a digital format and send them back within a week.


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IF you do that, just watch out for crown copyright. If you want to use crown images, you need to get permission from someone in the MoD. Did it years ago, so can't remember who it is, but they were very helpful and the whole thing was fairly painless.