Hey guys

How long will it take for me before I can join either Navy or Royal Marines reserves and start training?

Also, will it be possible to do it while waiting for an AIB?

I have looked this up and have found lots of info but wanted to see if anyone had done similar or knew the best answer



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This, I am afraid is very much a piece of string question.

Are you suggesting that you should join the RNR whilst trying for an RN AIB? If this is the case then I suspect that your AIB date will come up far sooner.

I don't really have enough info to assist you further at this stage. But I would give you the same advice as every other RNR candidate on here: Engage with the reserves unit that you would wish to join.

Similar Q arose here quite some time ago from another RN O wannabee. IIRC the 'unofficial' A ran along the lines of -

"Hardly, would you expect the RNR to invest time/expense/expertise in training-up someone planning to use the outfit only to provide a springboard for a career precluding further RNR participation?"

No harm in trying, mind you:
A local MP (the fragrant Penny M, bless her) was well into the RNR before stepping neatly aside to gain her seat at Westminster.

'Springboard' eh? - See what I did there?