Reserves while waiting?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. Goodevening all, sorry in advance if this has been asked before. I did use the search with no lucky to what I am going to ask.

    Is it possible to join the RNR while waiting for basic traing? As I have been told approximate 4 year wait, I consider it a good use of my time and get me fit for full-time Or would they not consider me as I am waiting for full-time?

    I would understand them not considering me but as it is 4 year wait I would be able to give some service...

    Thanks kal

    Edit to add

    Or would it be a complete waste if time as the RNR don't do roles for MA's so it would mean training in something else.
  2. Thank you for the two links :D. I think I will go to my nearest RNR unit and speak to them about it and see what they say, but going by those comments it doesn't look like you can join if you are going full-time? Maybe I misinterpreted what was being said?

    Thanks again kal

    Edit to add a bit in due to me posting it before fully finishing what I was saying and reading..
  3. Iv joined RNR while I wait if you can why not gives you ahead start before going in full-time I really enjoy it there is quite a few of us in my unit waiting to go in full-time.
  4. How long ago did you join? If you don't mind me asking. Going by the seconded link BreathingOutOnTheWayUp posted.. You can not join the reserves while you are waiting for full-time? Again maybe I misinterpreted what was being said.

    Thanks kal
  5. I was in Raleigh right up till week 7 but something in my family happened which I had to PVR at the time. I managed to join just by asking my Afco they said yes as I already passed selection process full time I was able to go straight in as a new entry. Just waiting for the next course to go to Raleigh for two weeks with the RNR.
  6. Kal

    Do you know which is your local RNR Unit?
  7. Yes I do thank you Soleil :D
  8. On the plus side, Kal's pronunciation and use of capital letters is greatly improved since we last saw him post :)
  9. Thank you :) I Said I would try to improve my grammar before I posted again, so I did.

    Edit to add in I am still working on it but :)
  10. :lol:

    I was thinking that it might be in your interests to either 'phone them on their Training Night or send them an e-mail, asking when they next have one of their Introductory Evenings. All the RNR Units do these on a regular basis, so that interested candidates can come along and ask questions and see whether it's for them.

    There may be one coming up at your local one very soon; you should make enquiries; at the very least, you will have a good evening (free food, free drink!) and will have met some interesting people.

  11. Good effort fella. Keep it up.
  12. Ok thank you Soleil. I will give them a phone tomorrow night. When I phone will it have to be during their training night? Or can I phone at any other times?

    Could you tell me what sort of things will happen at the introductory evening? Or is there anywhere I can search to find out?
  13. My induction evening was Showing you what the RNR do and what they expect from you and what you gain from serving in the RNR. Also get a presentation with dvd,information on selection process different trades you can serve in etc. Get given forms to fill out if interested. May get to meet some New entry's ask them some questions about the RNR.
  14. Kal I'm pretty sure it was made official some time last year that an RN candidate on a waiting list couldn't join the RNR as I had to make the decision of either waiting the full 3 years to rejoin or dropping the application and joining the RNR. Seems ludicrous that for some people with very long waiting, times like yourself, aren't allowed to do it, but I would love to be corrected here!
  15. I managed to get in. If you don't ask you don't get.
  16. No harm in trying I guess, Unless Ninja or SM comes along and tells me that this is the case. I will phone up on their next training night and find out. Thank you for telling me anyways :) I don't really see the point in that rule I it is true.. I could understand for someone that only has 12 months wait left not being aloud to join but 4 years. Surly I would be able to give something back in this time? Besides as I don't have anything better to do I would beable to do any training as quickly as possible so I could give something back.

    Thank you for the link to the number and email address Soleil
  17. Unless you are deployable or plan to deploy on ops, I think it is a complete waste of time and money for you to join. The reserve forces are deploying men and women to do a job. It is not a cadetship for future regulars, and should not be treated as such.

    From the little I know, it will take 4 years in many roles for you to be deployable in the RNR.
  18. Fair enough.. I did no think it was a cadetship and would never treat it like one. I do think it would be...
    1. A good insight into the royal navy before I join.
    2. A good way to stay fit and use my time wisely.
    I thought in some roles it would only take up to 2 years to train and the more time you have the quicker you could do it in (correct me if I am wrong). If I was able to complete the training faster than those 2 years then i would be able to be deployed on ops. I would not consider joining the RNR if my waiting time was shorter.. I am happy however to see what other peoples opinions are and happy to take on board what your saying (pardon the pun)

    Thanks kal

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