Reserve Training.... Cuts force TA to cease training


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There is an official communication from CMR that states that the Maritime Reserves will NOT have a similar cut to training. CMR and his staff have found savings in other areas, and as such we will not be "following the TA".
If you are in eamil contact with your unit, and not had the official communication, you are at encouraged to ask for it, as I know CMR wanted as wide a distribution as is possible.
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Deckhead_Inspector said:
Insurance? Pay? Permission to go train? What a useless bunch of waisters you are!

So you'd be content to take on personal liability for running an un-endorsed training weekend as Directing Staff?

And training, even if unpaid, is not cost free. Whilst many of the costs are probably sunk they'll come from different budgetary sources, so actually running the activities will impact on the business case for coming up with this. Whilst I think it's lunacy I can see a wide range of reasons for it.

I do, however, agree that the media interest in self funding one training weekend might be enough to turn it around, but it would need carefully stage managed.

Standby to have a training moratorium because they have had one.

Unlikely, given that the Navy budget and the Army budget are different things and whilst I do know that HQ LAND tried to spend HQ FLEETs budget quite frequently, I'm pretty convinced it was never over RNR training.

The recommendation was part of the mitigations for the significant LAND overspend in year.

Would you believe that This is what it has come to for the TA? Namely that in a Large Maritime City on the North West there will hardly be any pongos on parade this Rembrance Sunday because of the training ban?

Bluntly, I'm more concerned that a 6 month moratorium will significantly reduce TA headcount, increasing the demand for RN and RAF reserves in some areas. The impact of this extends well beyond the LAND domain and will still be affecting our planning decisions several years down the line. From what I know of the planning cycle I'd also be very surprised if either we or the RAF were given the opportunity to comment on the impact statements put before the minister for approval.


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rosinacarley said:
There is always a way round everything, had it been me served with a deferment notice, I would simply have not gone into the unit ever again. and let my training lapse! Although, please rest assured I am not advocating such behaviour, I just believe that you (as an employer) are not ever going be in a win-win situation in such circumstances.

Or the other way is to turn up for your deployment, fail your fitness test, fail your weapons handling test and you'll be home within a week :)


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Karma, your last point is valid and a true concern. I merely mentioned Remembrance as an example of some thing that could and should be done with out pay.

In answer to every thing else. I would say this. The concept of pay and reward for volenteer reserve training is fairly recent.

How about forming a Society? Lets call it the Society of Temporary Army Volunteer Reservists (TAVR for short) and organise a little bit of self funded training for Defence of the Realm. Costumes (er, sorry uniforms) should not be a problem. Weapons? just take the air gun or broom stick out of the cupboard, It Didn't deter the LDV 70 years ago. Insurance should not be a problem. Just ask the Sealed Knot who insures them. My point is why does every one try to put obstacles in the way and not try to make things happen insted?

We are here to protect society, not reflect it. Remember that or we may just as well give up.

I am well aware of what CMR has said. But let's wait and see shall we? (No, I am not bringing his integrety into question, juat his ability to deliver in the long term. How ever long the politicos decide that might be)

ps, dunkers. I have, frequently and not just because of JPA!