Reserve Training.... Cuts force TA to cease training

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Sopwith_Cameltoe, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. The Territorial Army has been told it must temporarily halt training due to severe pressure on government finances.

    Drill-hall instruction, weekend exercises and all other TA training are to stop for six months, resulting in savings of about £20m.

    TA soldiers serve in Afghanistan, but the Ministry of Defence said operations would not be hit as they train with the regular Army before deployment.

    The TA has about 1,200 troops a year in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

    A Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokesman said: "These are challenging times and like all government departments, we have to live within our means.

    "We routinely review our spending to balance priorities, focusing on the highest priorities including on our operations, particularly in Afghanistan."

    A six-month halt to training will also mean soldiers will not get paid.

    An MoD official said: "Those in the TA get paid for the training that they do. If they don't do any training they won't be paid."

    TA troops train on one evening a week as well as on some weekends and during a two-week annual camp.

    The base pay is the same as the regular army. New entrants are paid £33.73-a-day as well as money for their travel, meals, and uniform.

    Pay rises with rank, with privates receiving £42.07-a-day, corporals getting £65.28 and sergeants on £74.20.

    Since Labour came to power the TA has fallen from more than 57,000 to a trained strength of about 19,000.

    In April the MoD announced plans for a major shake-up of the TA, with up to 2,400 Royal Signal posts standing to be cut, with soldiers facing redundancy or redeployment.

    (Taken from the website 10/10/09)
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

  3. How about RMR amd RN?
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Not at the moment - this is an HQ LAND mandated PR09 measure, and I don't think anything equivalent has been raised by NAVY (yet!).

    Question is though - if the TA aren't deploying, then should we need training for those units which are non deployable (thinmking 2 NC Bde here)?

    May be a delay in replying, am currently AWOL on leave :)
  5. And if you suspend training until April then the 19000 will probably be halved! Take the routine away and people find other interests! Then they will have to make a major spend on recruiting in PR10. Short sighted as usual!!
  6. FTRS for RNR personnel is already in the process of being canned to save money by the short-sighted imbeciles we have doing the number crunching.

    Apparently there are now enough people on the navy's books to do away with FTRS altogether (unless your face fits of course!). Sadly and pathetically this is based solely on numbers, not availability of personnel, so it includes those in the RN who are either injured or medically downgraded, or even AWOL.

    A mate of mine is currently working in a careers office slot on FTRS and has been informed his contract is almost certain to be cancelled in the new year despite the fact that Drafty has confirmed he cannot be replaced from current manpower due to there being no-one available, thereby leaving his office short of a body and ensuring everyone else there has to cover the same amount of work. Kind of ironic that he should assist with recruiting people so that the powers that be can put him out of work altogether. He's a married man with kids by the way, so, on his behalf thankyou very much to the Admiralty for putting a commited guy on the dole.

    I'm willing to bet that'll be another good and highly experienced reservist handing his ID card in, unlike the scumbags who handed theirs in recently on receipt of their mobilisation papers!!

    CHEERS PUSSER! You should be so proud of yourself!!!!

    If ever there was proof our lords and masters don't care this is it!!
  7. on the subject of " refuseniks" here is a cunning plan.
    1.Get brown envelope, bottle crashes, hand back ID.
    2. MOD Plod at door, serve your mobilised period in DQs, then dishonouable discharge, simples tschh.

    scum, lowest of the low. I have more respect for some lefty, tree hugging, anti military, :evil: crusties. at least you know where they stand.
  8. Roger that Roger!

    I know it's going off-topic somewhat, but I'd like to add my weight to that opinion. I'd love to speak to the offending low-lives myself and ask what their snivelling reason is for turning their back on Queen and Country when they called!

    Many of us have been there and done what we signed on to do even though we have families we're leaving behind temporarily and all that entails both in practical and emotional terms.

    I'd agree with the idea of DQ's - Top Man!

    Just in case any of those cowards are reading this, I hope they realise
    that someone else who was not prepared has now had to be called up at short notice to take their place? Indeed I hear that one of those now about to be mobilised is a single mother who despite some trepidation intends to do her duty in the finest traditions of the RN/RNR. Mucho respecto to that lady!!!

    Therefore my last word on the subject - (Unless there were desperate circumstances in your lives preventing you going at this time, in which case my commiserations!), Damn you for bringing shame on our organisation and may you never darken our doors again! Hang your heads for the rest of your lives and remember that when it came to the crunch you let your shipmates down.

    Enuff said!!
  9. Why don't the TA carry on training any way, with out pay. They can't all be courtmartialled. Just imagine the national uproar if that happened.
  10. Presumably it'd be without transport, travel expenses, kit issue or feeding as well as without pay. Can't see many TA bods putting into their pocket to pay for these things for six months.
  11. Not for six months, just once. Don't presume, think!
  12. Well then, perhaps because the difference between 5 months and 30 days without training and 6 months without training is so negligible as to be pointless?
  13. Its a really difficult topic I think - you go into the unit you are under the NDA, you travel home you are under the NDA, you are at home or at work you are not under the NDA.

    Lets say that the refusenik has not even bothered to use all the resources under RFA 1996 to get out of going, and just does not turn up, is he under the NDA? I don't know the answer to that. But is it worth going to the hassle of getting the necessary warrant, and then taking him to trial? I personally think so, but then I am old school.

    However consider this scenario - we had a person at our unit who routinely got his oppo to sign in for him on drill nights when he did not attend. He would therefore get a nights drill and pay, and travelling expenses. Obtaining money or money transfer by deception, s15 or 15A THEFT ACT 1968. When he was inevitably found out, did they call in the Reggies, no they did not, I understand it was all brushed under the carpet. He had a talking to and was never seen again. One can only summise that (a) the Reggies were too busy to investigate or (b) it was too complicated because if he refused to come into the unit, he was not under the NDA.
  14. Doubt they'd be covered if they caused or were in an accident while training unpaid.
  15. I know we have unpaid training forms in the RNR so that people can be fully covered but not paid - I would guess (but obviously have no specific knowledge so am ready to be corrected by someone with the inside scoop) that the TA have something similar.
  16. rosinacarley
    It would be wholly inappropriate for me to discuss individual cases on this public forum, but you may rest assured that once call out papers have been issued to a member of the branch that I run (Sea Res), then they WILL deploy unless they are successful in a appeal (which is the right of every member of the RNR and/or employer to lodge). In some cases a deferment order is the result of an appeal, which in, effect means that they are still subject to the call out papers (and thus can't resign), for a period of, say 9 months, which allows either them or the employer the time to sort out the particular snag.
    If members of the branch think otherwise, they are in for a rude awakening and a warrent being issued!
    SO2 Seaman
  17. Of course I would not expect to discuss individual cases.

    I am pleased to hear what you say, not that it matters to me, because I left ages ago, and bizarrely I don't miss all the crap one single jot!
  18. VMT for vote of support
  19. There is unpaid training during which you are insured, and a second classification which covers you for your travelling expenses aswell.
  20. Actually, as a complete aside, one wonders what the pun would be for not being mobilised? I would suggest it impossible to say with any certainty unless there has been a precendent. I feel it would be unlikely to be custodial because what JA is going to want the publicity of dragging a recalriant reservist out of his civvie job and into MCTC, ditto forcing him to actually go on deployment, a fine perhaps?

    There is always a way round everything, had it been me served with a deferment notice, I would simply have not gone into the unit ever again. and let my training lapse! Although, please rest assured I am not advocating such behaviour, I just believe that you (as an employer) are not ever going be in a win-win situation in such circumstances.

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