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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by bombquad, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I start college in september so I was thinking of joining the reserves and then when I complete college signing up for full time duty. i just wondered about the process of transferring, would I have to re-start the whole training process i.e. initial training and specialist training or would I just be able to transfer straight to a unit?
  2. Yes
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Unless you join the RMR, complete training & gain your green beret, then you can transfer as a trained entrant.
  4. Apparently - If you join the RNR then go Full Time Reserve Service for a couple of years you can transfer across but otherwise you would have to do your 8 weeks basic.

    One way to look at it is that your 8 weeks should be considerably easier after being in the RNR and having completed your 2 weeks RNR basic.

    You may find that having joined the RNR that the RN isnt for you. You can still do six month deployments in the RNR or in some cases go FTRS.

    On the other hand you may find that the taster you get from the RNR fuels the flames and makes you want to join up even more.

    Everyone is different.
  5. I have been out of it for too long to know the rules these days. In my time as a member of the RNR you did Recalls to Service (as an officer) or extended "training" periods which could last for a lot longer than six months.

    The only bit of advice I would give is not to do your RNR time and the turn up at BRNC fully booted and spurred after an extented time with the RN thinking you know it all!

    You probably WILL know more than the others but a sensible man does not go around making that public. This advice is of course true for most situations in life but especially relevent for BRNC.

  6. You cannot do RNR service then go into RN as an officer on level transfer. You have to enter BRNC as a day 1 O/Cdt, having resat AIB, regardless of how much experience you have. I know a number of RNR who have tried this recently, all with good experience. All were told "thanks for asking, when can you do an AIB".
  7. Not strickly true, it depends on branch and shortages. I can think of at least a couple of officers who didn't do BRNC and went to CFT and others who did BRNC, inc one who was put through on the SD course. Very much horses for course.

    It is correct to say, however, as a general rule you start again.
  8. Shouldn't have to do AIB again as we've been doing the same AIB as full time for quite a while now.
    Generally, will have to go through BRNC from scratch.
  9. "Shouldn't have to do AIB again as we've been doing the same AIB as full time for quite a while now. Generally, will have to go through BRNC from scratch. "

    I can think of several officers who were told, despite appeals all the way to the top that their AIB passes were not valid. To enter BRNC you need to do it again, and be placed in competition with your peers who take it at the same time. I am assured that the system cannot cope with people entering mainstream branches (eg pusser or engineering) without them having done BRNC first. This is the current policy (mates going through BRNC right now having had this experience).

    There is no debate here. To enter the RN you take AIB again and go from there. RNR service does not count and incredibly previous RN Commissioned Officer service does not count.
  10. Nothing like the seamless transition between the RN/RNR/RN that CMR was talking about then!
  11. I would beg to differ, especially since I know people that didn't have to redo AIB (and some that did).

    You're right RC, nothing ever became of all that multi-laned highway stuff.
  12. "I would beg to differ, especially since I know people that didn't have to redo AIB (and some that did)"

    Fair enough RM - all I know is that I know a lot of well qualified people who went for it very recently with bags of experience - including ex regular officers, all of whom were told to apply to AIB and go back to BRNC. The system made clear that there was no flex in the system for any prior experience.

    Only thing I can think is that your people did it some time ago, or that they were going for very niche entry points and could get away with it?
  13. Very long time ago, when Pontious was still a pilot etc. I had to do another AIB to get back in to the RN. I got VERY high marks. (which, given my subsequent career goes to show how wrong they were!). When called in to the President for my result he informed me that I would be offered a place and that he would be making recommendations that people like me should not have to sit a Board in future. Of course these things do take time!
  14. I did 3 and a half years and got to trained strength GSSR and have had to do EVERYTHING again even SPO course! So no, the official line is the move from RNR to RN is you start again and no allowance is made for you.

    Do not expect it to be seemless. If you bypass anything, count yourself lucky.
  15. Did you resign your original commision, or were you placed on the retired list. When I was placed on the retired list I was told that not only was I subject to instant re-employment if they so wished, but that I would get no uniform grant either, so over 30 years later still have my uniform in my trunk in the attic, mind you I am pretty sure I woulnt get nto it now.
  16. Nowadays it depends on time-frame.

    Whilst one remains on the retired list, after five years the AIB is likely to be required.

    Uniform compensation is also graduated over that five years to the full allowance again.
  17. Now after 30 years does that mean I would get 6 times the uniform allowance. At least I can bin my old uniform, and get rid of the diesel smell in the loft.
  18. Sorry been deep for ages now, back at PD. To be a little flippant I don't think there are too many Mids on the retired list and no I did not resign. For reasons of PS and accute embarassment I would rather not be pressed furthur. You can read my book when I get a round tuit.

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