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Hello! I'm applying for RNR General Entry Officer, whilst I pursue a civilian career.

I was wondering about what happens w/regards to ranks if, after say spending a few years as a reserve officer and attaining a rank of, for example, a sub-lieutenant, I decided that I preferred the navy to my civilian career and wanted to go full-time.

From what I've read, I would have to undergo training at BRNC as if I had never been a reserve. Fair enough, but would I also lose the rank I held before? I.e., would I have to start again as a midshipman after passing out instead of retaining a higher rank than that I would have held as a reserve?
Huge piece of string question, this one.

In essence, yes, you would, as I understand it, have to go back and do most, if not all of BRNC again. I have no idea as to how the navy might grant you "privileges" having done the 8 week AOP, if you had taken that route.

I suspect that little credence would be given, specially as the branches in the RNR do not map against those of the RN, the whole point of us is to supply niche capability that the RN do not require in peacetime. A decision could be influenced by your civilian job and qualifications.

Making up an example - what might happen to a Sub Lt RNR, with some sea service and, say three years seniority, who is a nuclear engineer Monday to Friday and volunteers to transfer to regular sea service in SSNs? Pretty pointless, in my opinion, to send such a bod to do camping on Dartmoor again. But there will be a huge mis-match on how that knowledge maps to the engine room of HMS Astute.

Having said that things are on the change. A junior officer RNR might well take charge of the boarding party on an OPV in the years to come. I cant see a Sub Lt, with 18 months at sea on an OPV being banged back to Midshipmen and Day One at BRNC.

I do know ratings that have moved to the regular service, with little difficulty and little re-training, each individual being taken on their own merits and experience. I guess that that is were we shall be with Sub Lt's and so forth in the not-to-distant future.

In essence, I suspect that the answer to your question is buried in BR 3 somewhere. However most of what is published is out of date before the ink is dry. The best person to ask is the Pipeline Manger of your unit.

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