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Reserve Liabilities After Discharge


Does anyone know off the top of their head what the reserve liability is after you discharge from the Corps. I can;t seem to find it anywhere. I'm outside in July and need to work it out for the Police. Is it 2 years? that seems to ring a bell??? Any help appreciated.



Thanks Ninja mate, it's all a bit confusing, I;m applying to the Police and they want to know details of discharge and reserve liability, from the web i can assertain that you spend 6 years on the reserve list which seems a bit excessive but if thats what it is then so be it. Will keep looking. Many Thanks.



War Hero
A lot of guys get a bit mixed up with actually joining the RMR & Reserve "Call-up" liability.

Basically the civil Police will only permit a few serving Policemen to actually join the Reserves (some forces actually have waiting lists as they only permit 2% to join the Reserve forces).

Assuming you are referring to "call-up" liability, my understanding is that as long as you notify the Police, they will still take you on probation. Again, you'd have to ask the Police about this, but remember to state reserve liability rather than actually joining the Reserves.


Yeah that makes sense. I have no desire to join the Reserves, had enough this time round. Will state that in the application form. Hopefully it won;t cause me to many issues. MAny Thanks mate.


Lantern Swinger
You may well find that joining the police will cause your liability completely severed.
I went through a similar thing (long time ago now though)
Joining the police and fire service, as I did, automatically 'removes' you from the reserve liability list, once you have notified the relevent Reserve Liability office.

Good luck with the application.
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