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I have had the following question asked of me, I can't answer it and neither can George the keeper of records at the Submarine Museum

"May be you or one of the members can help me. In 1948 I joined the Reserve Group "R"which had in its trot four or five "T" boats

I am searching for the names of these boats;

We used to take a different boat to sea each day and carry out all routines and emergences,
the cherry on this pie was that we were on canteen messing!!!! "

Any suggestions as where to look appreciated


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I see that only five of the 1942 order for T Boats were ever built and I wonder whether they are the five to which your enquirer is referring. They were:

HMS Totem, HMS Truncheon, HMS Turpin, HMS Thermopylae and HMS Tabard.

Having said that, HMS Scotsman and HMS Tradewind are also possibilities:

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As I read it most of the T Boats were completed by the end of WW2, so any of them could be in the frame, Scotsman is an S class so if His original information is correct wouldn't have been there