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Reserve Forces National Fitness/Gym discount scheme

Ladies & Gents,

The National Fitness Club/Gym discount scheme is still available to all members of the reserve services. This scheme is supported by
LA Fitness
Fitness First
Virgin Active

These discounts generally apply even if you are already a member. Speak to your club management team for details.


LA Fitness

1. LA Fitness is offering membership to TA/RNR personnel at a reduced rate - a saving of up to 25% off their normal Membership rates (dependant on club and membership level). Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact the club directly via their website here The logon is 'TA'

2. On application, members will need to prove their status by showing either their ID card (MOD 90) or a current pay sheet. If you need any advice, reply to this and I will PM you.

Fitness First and Territorial Army/RNR

A discount of 25% has been negotiated for all serving Reserve Officers and Soldiers.

The scheme is open to new and existing club members.

New members will benefit from:


A FREE 1 day Corporate Invitation for each member enabling them to ‘try-out’ the facilities locally.


A Corporate Lifestyle membership with Fitness First is offered at a special rate of £31 per month in the Provinces and £41 per month in London, thus a further saving of up to £10 per month.


The corporate lifestyle membership offers two Start Up options; the basic GET RESULTS! Package at a one off cost of £45 or the FULL GET RESULTS! Package at a one off cost of £65 (Provinces), £70 (London)

What is included in the GET RESULTS! Package?

GET RESULTS! offers every employee the opportunity to succeed, we guarantee to motivate your employees to get their fitness off to a flying start, our GET RESULTS! programme offers everyone the opportunity to realise their fitness potential. Our aim is to provide them with a journey that is both rewarding and fun.


Personal orientation.
Equipment Induction.
Generic Programme.
Group exercise class programme.
Choice of 6 educational workshops.
Programme review at 6 weeks.
Programme review at 12 weeks.

OPTION TWO: £65 Provinces/£70 London

Dedicated Personal Trainer.
4 Hours of 1-1 Personal instruction.
Group Orientation.
Equipment Induction.
Personalised GET RESULTS! Booklet.
Health news every two weeks.
Structured Goal setting plan.
Tailored health and fitness programme with personalised prescription.
Choice of 6 Educational workshops.
Wellness Health Check update and personalised programme review at 6 weeks.
Wellness health Check update and personalised programme at 12 weeks.
Awards and recognition.

Virgin Active Club.

Membership Privileges for all employees of The Territorial Army/RNR:

Free Trial prior to joining (by appointment)
Individual Fitness Programme.
First Personal Training Session (by appointment)
Reciprocal rights to use all Virgin Active Health Clubs throughout the UK against Full Membership.

Territorial Army/RNR Offer:

£20 Activation Fee on all membership options, a saving of £80.
2 x Guest Passes.
Joining Pack including Rucksack.
The same offers apply to all Partners/Spouses.

Hot Deals:

Virgin Active will communicate a ‘Hot Deal’ to The Territorial Army/RNR on a regular basis to help promote new joiners. ‘Hot Deals’ are over and above the offer above.
The first ‘Hot Deal’ is as follows: Any Territorial Army/RNR employee or Partner/Spouse who joins Virgin Active during April or May will receive a luxury bath towel.

Proof of Employment:

All applicants will need to produce relevant identification to take advantage of the special offers. Applicants must be present when partner/spouse joins Virgin Active

Contacting Virgin Active:

Applicants can email the Virgin Active club of choice via the website in the section ‘joining up’. The Sales Manager in that particular club will respond within 24 hours

Applicants can phone Virgin Active on 0845 130 4747 where they will be able to book in to their club of choice for a tour/free trialIn order for all employees to benefit from the scheme, it is essential to regularly promote and communicate all details of the offers direct to the employees, especially on a local level if possible.
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