Reserve daily/hourly rates of pay?

I was trying to work out how my pro rata daily/hourly rates have been calculated, and I'm not sure the Navy have got it right.

My 'annual salary' is 23,358.96, my 2 hourly rate is 15.99 and daily rate is 63.96 (8 hours). It seems the pro rata rates have been calculated simply by dividing the annual salary by 365. This means that reservist pay is calculated on the basis that the reservist, if they were full time, would work every single day of the year.

Have I got this wrong?


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The regular service get paid 24/7.

Reservists get paid by the day, half day or quarter day.

The Daily rate of pay is 1/365th of the annual gross pay of a regular service person at the same rank/rate & seniority.
Thanks for confirming that's how it is calculated.

Again, I may be confused, but this means that some people are being paid less than minimum wage. A new entry at my unit gets 36.76 per day (4.60 per hour).
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You don't get the same rate as a regular (no X factor Ninje). And there are higher and lower pay bands. Your calculations look about right. Make sure you are getting your Home to Duty (HTD) in your monthly pay.

Your comment about minimum wage - as a regular you are available 24/7/365 so divide £36.76 by 24 to see what a regular new joiner might be on per diem...
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I understand the point that there are many reasons why people join the reserves, but pay (and bounty) does come into it to some degree. We're all being well-spirited by being part of the RNR, but I doubt there would be many of us around if we didn't get paid for what we did.

I just think it's strange that pro rata rates are calculated on the basis that the person would be working every single day of the year, when regulars don't. This has the unfortunate effect that people on the lower end don't even get close to minimum wage (acknowledging that minimum wage legislation doesn't apply to the armed forces).
I doubt there will be much sympathy for your "argument".
A level 3 Private on operations, or a level 3 AB on Ops on board a ship, on call 24/7, for a 6-9 month tour/deployment is on £58 a day, that's £2.4 an hour!
Probably best to quit before the inbounds require you to don anti-flash, helmet and dig a rather deep slit trench.
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No, lets be gentle - I am constantly having to explain to RNR Redarses why, after having done a 12 hour day, they can't have 1.5 MTDs worth of pay.

I note from the pay rate of the OP that they are a Midshipman.

Do you understand now Mans, how this works, and can you explain it competently to any JRs that may ask you the same question?

P.S. Make the Wets Snotter...:D


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You do also get prorated holiday pay now as well so there's even less cause for whining.

If you're a YO then you've so much to look forward to in terms of completely unpaid work...


Hi, this is probably written down someware so feel free to direct me to the correct thread if it is but do you get paid travel to different units, for instance in the initial training it says to complete and pass out, you must complete two weeks down at Raliegh then have your pass out, would the navy pay for my travel? I live in Scotland so it's a fair distance to travel and would cost a fair bit to get there?
Other than the weekly training night, you should get paid for travelling time, for example if you live in Manchester and have a weekend training in Portsmouth, you will probably leave home/work at 1800, arriving at Portsmouth at about 2300. You will probably leave Portsmouth about 1300 on the Sunday, returning home about 1800. Thus you would claim for 2.5 days pay. If, of course, you are traveling from Aberdeen, and have to leave home/work at 1000 on the Friday, then you should be able to claim 2 & 3/4 days pay.


Do you get paid at the end of the month like the regulars? apart from the two weeks at Raliegh after completion of phase 1 is it often that the weekends training away will be so far away or do they tend to send you not far from your unit ?

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