Researching information ( non classified stuff ) for a novel. Help needed please.


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SETT staff, plus others, 1987 HMS Otus in a Norwegian fjord.

Excellent read. Not good for the author.
I did a few 'bends' rescues. Obviously not re those depths. (600 feet)
The mention of Helo's below 900 feet prompted me to scribe the dit below.
One memorable 'scramble' was to the West Scotland, suspected diver in distress!! Fortunately HMS Challenger was on the West of Arran conducting exercises. Anyway, we RV'd with the vessel who radio'd in the 'Mayday' call. Winched up the casualty into the back and put him immediately on O2.
A radio argument ensued, too long for here. Basically a three way argument between Duty Officer, Faslamabad, RCC and HMS Challenger. Challenger won as she had in excess of 200 dive qualified doctors on board due to the exercise as well as the worlds supply of compression chambers!!
HMS Challengers Flightdeck height is 48 feet above see level. We closed on Challenger flying at no higher than 20 feet. (You keep the casualty as low as possible to avoid more complications.) Original plan was to fly to Faslane, low lever, 20-30 feet, through the Cumbrai's and into the Loch then Faslane. Binned that due to Challenger being closer and more suitable!
On arrival at Challenger we rose to some 60 feet to clear the deck and see where we were landing. (It was a night op).
As it happened, an ITV camera crew were on board and took the opportunity to film an actual rescue. They played the video to us once on board and what amazed the crew, we could hear over the noise of the rotors the screams of the casualty as we climbed from 20-30 feet to the 60 feet over the deck. Once on deck the medics took him straight below to a chamber.
Living proof that the biggest changes to pressure are in the lower altitudes!!!
The casualty did recover, he had a few probs but his problems were not as traumatic as the author in the article.
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HMS Thetis/Thunderbolt another tragic incident in the history of our brave/proud submariners.


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Just to keep the old 'uns brain cells ticking over @HartleyHare , list the items in the red cross locker ;)

For the uninitiated, they're only in escape compartments and are nothing to do with first aid :)

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