Researching information ( non classified stuff ) for a novel. Help needed please.


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Allegedly from a very early US experimental reactor when some body asked 'But what would you do if the rods fell into core?'

The answer was 'Scram (out of here)'
Watched a documentary about early reactors and building them, that was stated in that as well


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The first reactors the control rods were raised and lowered by block and tackle :oops::eek:
If I remember correctly, it was an experiment on dropping the rods to prove their theory on what would happen if the rods dropped, hence release the rods and scram. Come back later if there was a later and see what happens, luckily the dabber survived.


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The food is brought to them. On an S boat the wardroom was on one deck with the galley below, food coming up via a dumb waiter, on a T boat the wardroom is on two deck opposite the galley so much easier. On both classes the Senior Rates mess is fwd of the galley, the Junior Rates mess aft of the galley. Food is served up via serving hatches to both messes on both classes of boats.
Who brings the food to the wardroom? Is the food served to the officers or do they help themselves?

Where are the officers cabins located? I couldn't see them on the diagram I looked at. Would the bathrooms be close to the cabins?


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A reactor scram is when something goes wrong and the control rods drop in and shut the reactor down, it can either be done automatically by the protection system or manually.

I attended a training exercise many years ago which also involved some senior RN nuclear engineering officers.

Over lunch, I happened to sit with the engineers. They were discussing the question of “scramming” varying types of reactor, both civil and military; much of their discussion sailed way over my head.

Then one four-ring captain mentioned a potential system which could involve rapidly inserting into a reactor - by gravity - balls made of the radiation-absorbing element boron from a holding tank above it.

“So, you would have two possible states for the boron; once deployed, it would be a “balls-down” state. If they failed to deploy, however, it would be a……” And paused.

One of his fellow senior officers, following the description keenly, couldn’t help himself from helpfully saying “Balls-up ?”

He had the grace to join in with his colleagues’ laughter. And they say engineers are humourless!

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