Researching information ( non classified stuff ) for a novel. Help needed please.


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I've just been looking at a cut away image of an Astute class boat. I cant see the wardroom, officers cabins and bathrooms. Also, do officers have to take food from the galley to the wardroom to eat or is the food brought to them? @WreckerL can you help, please?


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The food is brought to them. On an S boat the wardroom was on one deck with the galley below, food coming up via a dumb waiter, on a T boat the wardroom is on two deck opposite the galley so much easier. On both classes the Senior Rates mess is fwd of the galley, the Junior Rates mess aft of the galley. Food is served up via serving hatches to both messes on both classes of boats.


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A reactor scram is when something goes wrong and the control rods drop in and shut the reactor down, it can either be done automatically by the protection system or manually.
Allegedly from a very early US experimental reactor when some body asked 'But what would you do if the rods fell into core?'

The answer was 'Scram (out of here)'