Researching information ( non classified stuff ) for a novel. Help needed please.


War Hero
If only we'd served in the septic navy. We'd have needed a wheel barrow for our gongs!!! Even me with my one and only!!!
Asked a septic once what his medals were, one was a Biscay medal, taking the piss I said is that for crossing the Bay of Biscay, he said no, you have to cross it twice for the medal?


War Hero
Nearly got away with just the one (undetected crime and that was late!!)

Then managed to get a NATO medal sent to me just after I went outside.

So 1 and a 1/2 then.


Lantern Swinger
Ridiculously pleased to discover ( upon returning after an afternoon's bike ride ), that postie has delivered a copy of The Silent Deep. It looks to be rather a weighty tome - lol! Something for me to sink my teeth into at night in bed.

If a guest is taken on board and given a tour would they be allowed into the control room? YouTube videos show camera crews being allowed in.
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