Researching information ( non classified stuff ) for a novel. Help needed please.


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Well, I've complied a list of questions ( long list )....

So, I read ( YouTube ) that submarines go out on deployment for 6-8 months, split into 3 months, then time at a foreign base and then another 3 months before returning home. Is this accurate?

I read that submariners are able to receive emails from families whilst away. How do individuals receive the emails, ie, are they printed off and handed to each individual?Can they reply to the emails they reply to their email?
Q1) 3 months is normal before you come home but I've only ever done the sort of running in your question when East of Suez.

Q2) I've only done one trip where we received emails onboard before I left my last and final boat and it was in the days of floppy disks. When we came off station on the way home we compiled our emails on a designated laptop, or uploaded it from a floppy disk and the comms ratings sent it off when we got to PD (periscope depth), it went via London, for censoring, and then on to destination address. The reverse happens for incoming. Personal emails are low priority though.


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Deployment lengths vary by tasking and can typically be anything from a few weeks to 10 months.

Email on SSNs (not the ones carrying the big bombs) is a thing; transmitted/received by Satcom and delivered to the individual via the onboard IT system like any other email. Restrictions can of course be put in place depending on the operational posture.

Families can send SSBNs (the ones carrying the big bombs) familygrams (now sent as an email) but they’re received as lower frequency radio traffic and printed for distribution.

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