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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Picture in the local rag from Rememberance Sunday shows a Ex RAF type wearing loads of WW2 Stars plus a DFC.

    The paper reports him as 82 ,same age as my old man.
    This makes him 12 at the start of the war and 17 when it finished.

    My old man didnt join up until 1945,he was a VR and ended up in India.

    He spoke to this chap last year and thought he was a bit sus and he wandered off when they got to talking about postings etc.

    I've tried looking him up on the London Gazette but there is no record of him or getting an award.

    Where do I look next?

    He was in the local rag as Chairman of the RBL but they dont have a record of him either.
  2. Get your dad to call him out; it's his contempory. Do you really want to walt hunt an 82 year old pensioner, who may well have at least some military service?

    Or try arrse, as there are plenty of people who have a hard-on for bullying the old.
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    My wife has a cousin who was in National Service at the end of the war. He was an 'Erk' in the RAF. Never went anywhere, never did anything, his parents tried to have him sent home. A few years ago he was heard telling stories of how he, as a Spitfire pilot, had been one of the few. He would have been all of 14/15 years old. Never had the balls to tackle him on this. Poor sod couln't help it. He even got himself a war pension for being blown up whilst on active duty. Do the authorities ever check details?
  4. Maybe the poor old bugger was in a reserved occupation like a baker and feels embarrased about it having lost lots of his mates.
  5. Remember poor old Sid on special forces duty he was zapped by a Messerthingy/Stuka, leg completely destroyed hence the reason for the built up boot. In reality he was born with a leg that refused to grow he had a child's leg. He was harmless or you could say legless. We used to sit and listen to his war stories.

    Sid was always late for work. The neighbour's chimney pot blew of the roof and blocked the driveway. A housebrick jammed in the rear set of tyres of a contractors wagon came adrift and smashed my windscreen[he still had his out of date road tax disc in the replacement windscreen].

    Final warning came late again. Sob! Sob! Sorry I am late I have just killed someone in my car. So he had just killed someone and he was half hour late for work. An amusing WALT was our Sid.
  6. If any of you "out" a Walt can you post it so we can all have a wnak.

    In the mean time try not to disturb those of us who have a life. :evil:
    Especially those who are trying to out snaggy each another, and maybe are busy trying to get a room. :wink:

    Now then should I buy a new sass beret for Christmas or continue being a boot-neck/sbs? 8) :wink:
  7. I would go for the red hooded cloak and white beard and reindeer far more popular this time of the year
  8. :lol:
  9. Might need the reindeer which would present a problem, there's enough bullshite around without adding to it.
    Anyway if I dressed as Santa, some Cnut on here would probably start a thread to "out" me. 8O :D :roll: :wink:
  10. Wouldn't work anyways, your too miserabe a bastard to be Santa.
  11. I will second that.
  12. How the fcuk do you recon I'm miserable, I laughed like fcuk when the mother in law died. :)
    Its just I can't laugh at you Stirl, for fcuks sake why would I kick a bloke when he's down, fcuk sake if I lived in York and any b*stard snickered I'd petrol bomb the cnuts.
    I'm glad you seconded it, if you had let it go any higher you would have run out of fingers.
    Mind they can count quicker in York as they are barefoot.
  13. Forget PM's from now on you have just made this public.

  14. BANG

    ..there's one heart attack is another, keep a lookout for a black Audi S5, my ex-bootie mate is in the Midlands and 'a real rain is gonna wash all the scum off the streets'

  15. So tell me how come they spoilt a great area in york, with nothing more than a few chav's and put you in it.
    How did I know you lived there? I think you dropped it out on the Jeremy Kyle show.
    Booties in car's in the midland's? please, if he's a mate of yours
    1/ He won't be able to find the midlands,
    2/ Could not drive a car,
    3/ Given a sat nav would have to figure how to stick it on the windscreen, and as it goes on the inside, how could he multi task?

    Tell me how did he get to a decent area to steal this audi, bus pass?
  16. I dont intend to bully anyone its just the fact that why should genuine ex and serving people have to put up with thses sorts.

    If they have mental health issues then they need help but quite a lot dont and try to get on on the backs of those who have served etc.

    Its called fame by association, attention seeking etc.
    Just makes my blood boil thats all.
  17. Maybe, just maybe the paper got his age wrong, its beeen known to happen.
  18. "He even got himself a war pension for being blown up whilst on active duty. Do the authorities ever check details? "

    if you have ever tried getting a WP you'll know how hard it is - must be some kind of vet.
  19. Thankfully the floods did not breach at your loc'.

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